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Creditsafe vs the Industry

Creditsafe vs the Industry

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Creditsafe’s mission is to “Change the way business information is used.”

Creditsafe’s core belief is to give our customers an experience that is better than anything they’ve ever had before. With our focus on you and our other 85,000 customers worldwide, we are changing the way business credit information is used, which has made us the most used supplier of credit information in the world. Here’s our journey…

Data Quality

Accepts Trade Data from Any Size Company

This helps to empower small businesses to make better credit decisions.

Requires Companies to Share Their Entire Trade File

We don’t allow “one off reporting” which skews the information on credit reports for better or worse with bias data. Our policy provides a more accurate and unbiased impression of a company’s ability to pay.

Live Reports

Every report in our system is live and regularly updated, giving you access to fresh data instantly available online.

Customer Service

Dedicated Account Manager

All customers receive a dedicated account manager in Allentown PA.

NO Auto-renewal

We NEVER auto renew and it is always our customers’ choice to renew with us.

Unique Features

Media Solutions

Our competitors will not report on anything until it’s gone through the courts. You can search companies in Media Solutions and find out if they are going to go bankrupt beforehand.

Possible Links

Includes links to companies with the same name, phone number, address, website owner and officers. With these linkages included on a company credit report, it becomes much harder to hide bad debt.

Free Search Support

If you are unable to find a company in our database, our Search Team will help you find a report guaranteed free of charge. Our competitors won’t do that.



Privately Held Company

There are no shareholders to report to, so changes and improvements can happen fast.

Lowest Prices

Our use of cost saving technology helps us to keep our overhead low which is why we offer low prices that were previously unheard of in the industry.

Freedom Access

We don’t offer pay-per-reports or bundles. We believe our customers should have the freedom to pull as many reports as they need which is why all of our packages contain “freedom access” up to 49,999 US comprehensive reports. Our smallest package still gives you everything you need.

Risk Rating

Our proactive risk rating algorithm alerts you to any changes on a credit report, giving you the time and power to reassess your situation with that company.

User-friendly Reports

Our reports include all the information a specialist requires, but is presented in format that even a non-specialist can use to make an informed appraisal of a company’s ability to pay.

Creditsafe 3D

Our customers helped us to create an interactive risk management tool that combines your portfolio data with Creditsafe data to give you all the information you need to make smarter business decisions. You will get daily updates direct from your accountancy software *dependent on your software used. Our biggest competitors charge $5000 for this. We don’t.

Debt Collection

We include Debt collection in your packages. No Recovery of your debt, no fee to be paid.

Group Structure Including International Linkages

In group/linkages Creditsafe provides the rating, limit, legal filings counts for all companies so the user doesn’t have to investigate each report individually. If they want to look at the report, they can access it by selecting the report and they will be taken directly into the credit report (for online countries). In our competitors reports, they would need to open the service of the country the report is in, search for the company and then select the one they want to view.

Quality, Cost Effective International Reports

Even if you think you have no immediate customers or suppliers outside the US, you may be surprised to see how quickly their ownership or business links go overseas. With the world’s largest owned database, we always deliver international companies in search results and we include a number of international business credit reports in our packages. We never recycle old data like some of our competitors who will give you give 6 month old data because they pulled it for you before. We always give you fresh data.

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See the whole picture, reveal hidden linkages and get global information from our unique cross-referenced databases.

International Business Credit Reports from Creditsafe

Creditsafe 3D

Integrated solution for the high volume user. Improve your portfolio management through business risk assessment.

Business Risk Assessment with Creditsafe 3D

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