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Data Licencing

Whether you take our information in bulk or through our API, we offer a wide range of data available at your fingertips. Including key financial data, director information, and business addresses. With access to more than 365 million company records, full company financial data, and director information, it's never been easier to combine data with Creditsafe. Click below to find out the key benefits of licencing Creditsafe data, and start your free trial.


Worldwide Company Data

Access over 365 million company records across 160 different countries, with accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Director Information

Connect to more than 100 million company director and shareholder profiles, and easily confirm ownership of a company.

Corporate Linkages

Quickly identify branches, subsidiaries and parent companies that are part of a group, even internationally.


How our API helps Software & Data businesses

At Creditsafe, we believe data management should never be the thing to hold your business back, it should be the fuel powering it. The Creditsafe Connect API gives you the insight you need on over 365 million businesses and millions of directors across 160 countires. 

The Connect API seamlessly integrates with any CRM or ERP system, giving you access to the data and technology you need to drive customer centricity, effective risk management and cross-department collaboration. 

Maximise your sales revenue and discover valuable opportunities faster with detailed company profiles for each prospect. Connect API gives you hundreds of additional data fields to put invaluable information in the hands of your sales team. 

Click below to discover how Crossword Cyber Security used our Connect API to help their business move forward. 

The availability of Creditsafe data has transformed the value of our product, delighting our customers and strengthening the appeal to new prospects.

Jake Holloway
Chief Product Officer, Crossword Cybersecurity

How the Covid-19 pandemic hightened demand for the Software industry

The Covid-19 pandemic saw the dynamic in most jobs shift to working from home where they could. During this period, demand for Software needed accelerated and as a result, on-boarding more customers than ever before.

Click below to read our full blog post and see how Creditsafe can help your Software business. 



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