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Covid-19 Impact Review

Assess your customer health with a complimentary Covid-19 Impact Review

Better understand how the coronavirus crisis might impact your customer or supplier portfolio with a complimentary review from Creditsafe.

Covid-19 Impact Review

Our priority right now is to help you make the right credit-decisions whilst building resilience against the economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis by implementing new credit-policies that support you, your customers and your supply chain.

At this moment in time, it is difficult to assess the credit risks associated with Covid-19 because of the unprecedented situation where entire industry-sectors are affected and because of the increasing financial support programs that are being put in place by governments to provide additional support in an attempt to prevent companies from going bankrupt.

Still, credit-management decisions have to be made every day, therefore we have created the Covid-19 Impact Report to provide additional guidance when extending commercial credit during these uncertain times.

Let us help assess your customer and supplier risk

Creditsafe is supporting companies during this troubling time by offering a complimentary Covid-19 Impact Review to help identify hidden risks in your customer and supplier portfolios.

Our Covid-19 Impact Review will allow you to:

  • Mitigate risks and secure business opportunities
    by segmenting your customers into an easy to understand credit-risk strategy canvas.

  • Determine appropriate and immediate actions
    based on a risk-assessment matrix of your customer and supplier portfolio.

  • Create insights to develop a credit-continuity plan
    to secure and support your customers now and in the future.

Coronavirus customer risk mapping

Companies with a healthy ‘financial immune system’ have higher resilience to the Covid-19 impact on their industry. These companies also have a bigger chance of a swift recovery. Therefore, we use an impact/risk-matrix that plots the impact of the Covid-19 crisis against the financial strength of companies.

Covid-19 Impact on UK & Ireland Companies

Business and credit risk action template

High Risk / Low Impact

Put these customers on watchlists. Increase debtor monitoring. Establish more strict delivery and payment conditions. Credit-check all orders before shipping. Reduce commercial activities.

High Risk / Severe Impact

Maximise debtor monitoring. Reduce and eliminate amounts outstanding. Eliminate trade-credit facilities or install new payment conditions. Terminate commercial activities in the short-term.

Low Risk / Low Impact

Increase cash-flow and commercially target these customers. Increase business activity and commercial actions. Monitor debtors carefully always. Keep normal terms and conditions as much as you can.

Low Risk / Severe Impact

Support and nurture these customers and maintain normal terms and conditions as much as you can. Monitor debtors. Build strong relationships commercially. These customers are likely to recover quickly.

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