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Dean Williams

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I have worked for Creditsafe for over 13 years, working directly with clients through their on-boarding journey to long term account management. During my time at Creditsafe, I have helped support over 4,000 clients and currently hold a Hybrid role of working with new clients and managing and support some of our Premier Account customers. Working closely with clients across multiple sectors including Construction, Engineering, Recruitment to Fintec & Regtech has helped me gain an extensive knowledge of all Creditsafe products from business credit reports, monitoring, and compliance services, KYB, KYC and EDD. I have also gained invaluable experiencing in understanding and successfully delivering Creditsafe’s solutions across multiple channels from web-based services, API to Big Data solutions.


Swishfund has been working with Dean and Creditsafe for several years.

Dean and his team have been fantastic in answering our queries, helping us tailor Creditsafe products to our requirements, resolving issues expeditiously and generally being an excellent supplier contact. We never have to wait for Dean or chase him, and this is exceptional customer service – something we strive for and value ourselves. Also, we find Dean is honest and fair with regard to pricing discussions, and never over-sells products or tries to convince us to take products or features that are not perfect for our business. We look forward to deepening and widening our relationship with Dean and Creditsafe over the coming years.

You work with businesses but you also work with people, having a designated account manager was key for us.

Sanjay Padhee
Clear Factor, CEO

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