Creditsafe CEO Cato Syversen Speaks Out About Brexit

Creditsafe CEO Cato Syversen Speaks Out About Brexit

"As the leader of a multi-national company I find the current Brexit situation very frustrating."

Cato Syversen

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Creditsafe are global business data intelligence experts. We have a presence in eleven countries across the world, with UK bases in Wales and London where we employ approximately 500 people. For our own business, we face huge uncertainty about data legislation and what that means for us and GDPR rules.

Things seem no more certain than they were in 2016. The UK at the moment is deeply embedded in the largest single market in the world – something from which we all derive huge benefits. We may be falling out of that in a matter of days, we may not – we just don’t know! That is a crazy position to be in.

Planning for the future has become challenging, because the British situation is so unclear. This will impact on people’s jobs and livelihoods. Uncertainty means reduced investment; that, in turn, will mean fewer well-paying jobs. And that will reduce the amount of wealth in Britain to fund public services. Everyone loses from the current shambles.

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