Europe Day Celebrations at Creditsafe

Europe Day Celebrations at Creditsafe

Creditsafe which employs 500 people across Wales is getting ready to celebrate Europe Day which recognises peace and prosperity across Europe


Global business Intelligence experts Creditsafe are set to get their teams excited about Europe Day. The company with an office in Cardiff Bay has sixteen offices in fourteen countries, and fourteen of those offices are in in the European Union.

Europe Day recognises the peace and prosperity across Europe since the formation of the Council of Europe and the European Union and marks the historical Schuman declaration, which is long considered the beginning of what is now the European Union.

The celebrations will see staff talking about why they feel proud to be Welsh and European, bunting, as well as a special European feast laid on at lunchtime. 90% of the employees at Creditsafe are European and twelve languages are spoken across the European teams. Of course, this is all under the backdrop of seventeen out of twenty-two local authorities across Wales voting leave in the EU Referendum in 2016, with 52.5% of voting in Wales choosing to leave at the time compared to 47.5% supporting remain.

Creditsafe Group CEO Cato Syversen said, “Five years after we were founded in Norway, we opened our first Welsh office in Caerphilly. This was the catalyst that saw the business grow to have 16 offices across Europe, the USA and Asia, and employ more than 1,500 members of staff. I remember when I first said to my wife lets make the move to Wales; I told her it would be for a year! Fast forward eighteen years later our children have been educated in Welsh Schools and Universities and we feel nothing but European and Welsh and proud. When it comes to Brexit, things seem no more certain than they were in 2016. The UK at the moment is deeply embedded in the largest single market in the world – something from which we all derive huge benefits. Creditsafe is very much an international company and with that in mind, it’s so important for us to celebrate our heritage and our European roots which make us proud of who we are.  I know many people may not understand why we are celebrating Europe day under the backdrop of Brexit, but that’s not our problem! It’s important to show unity and celebrate Europe, now more than ever.