Mental Health Awareness Week at Creditsafe

Mental Health Awareness Week at Creditsafe

Mental Health Awareness week 2019 (13th-19thMay) draws to a close today, but for the senior management team at Creditsafe, this is something that is on our mind all year around.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Each year we use this week to highlight the importance of just talking about mental health and emotional well-being.

We have a team of staff volunteers all from different backgrounds who have all passed the mental well-being first aid course. 

Our HR team have been working hard over the years to cultivate an environment that encourages openness. We understand that mental health issues can affect anyone regardless of background, age or gender; and they can be difficult to talk about.

Cato Syversen CEO of Creditsafe said ''Work is a major part of our lives, its where we spend most of our time so by investing in the physical and mental health of our people they are more likely to be motivated and engaged.

We want an environment where all colleagues feel supported long after this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is over.

Cato Syversen
Group CEO, Creditsafe

We are keen to help our teams understand that there is support for them in the work place regardless of what might be going on in their live

As a company we want everyone we employee to be aware of the importance of looking after their emotional and mental well-being and get rid of the stigma of talking about mental health and say it’s ok not to be ok.

We have created a dedicated Be Well programme where staff have volunteered themselves to be part of a group that can offer support, guidance and signpost employees to the relevant help.”