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GetData and GetData Batch

29 August 2019

If you use the GetData service to retrieve company information, you need to read the information below. This also applies if you do batch runs via file delivery. If you are not the right person for this information, please forward it to your IT department or technical consultant.


No change will occur in the structure of the call or response; they continue to be made to the same address and in the same format.


The new rating model will recalculate the rating values of all limited companies. However, just as before, this will be returned with the same format and in the same parameter:

Exemple:          <RATING>74</RATING>

However, the value found in the <RATING_TEXT> parameter will be changed as follows:

New risk level Previous rating interval
Very low risk Very good credit worthiness
Low risk Good credit worthiness
Moderate risk Credit worthy
High risk Credit against collateral
Very high risk Not credit worthy
No risk assessment No rating description


This text change will occur on all types of companies and not just limited companies.

We will also introduce five new negative rating codes which can be found in the parameters <RATING> and <RATING_TEXT>:

-28 Brist i bokslut Deficiency in account
-29 Konkursansökan Bankruptcy application
-95 Status saknas Company status missing
-96 Registreringsdatum saknas Registration date missing
-97 Ofullständig data Missing data



Just as with the rating, the limit will also be recalculated on all limited companies. This parameter, <LIMIT>, will be returned the same way before, with one exception: if the value exceeds ten million SEK.

Previously, these cases returned "> 10000000", but after the launch you will instead get the actual figure.

Previous example:                 <LIMIT>>10000000</LIMIT>
Example after the launch:    <LIMIT>50000000</LIMIT>


Rating comments and risk prognosis

In order to get as much as possible out of the new rating model, we will also offer two new parameters. More information about the structure of these parameters and information on how to start using them will be communicated in November.


Rating comments

To make it as easy as possible to understand why a company has a certain rating, we will add a new parameter that shows five informative comments and whether each comment is classified as positive, neutral or negative.


Risk prognosis

In addition to a rating figure, we will also offer a new parameter that shows risk prognosis for all limited companies. This four-digit percentage value shows the risk that the company becomes insolvent within 12 months.

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