CRF 2020 March Event Attenees!

5 Trends that Will Define the Future of Business Credit

Are you planning to be at CRF's 2020 March Forum? 

If so, you certainly don't want to miss our deep-dive into the five trends that will define the future of business credit. 

You'd think a business credit provider like Creditsafe would be risk adverse, but our team knows that in order to make an impact in an industry loaded with entrenched players, we're going to have to take some big risks and go above-and-beyond in demonstrating value in order to maintain our growth. With that in mind, we've been on a listening tour since our launch in the US six years ago and have walked away with five key areas that we think will define the future of credit data.

From rethinking small business data collection to turning finance into a growth engine of a company, we hope our trends will help you better understand how you can provide value in your role as a credit professional for years to come. 

We will be providing specialty coffee and pastries, so please bring your appetite for food as well as knowledge. 

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