Case Study - Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc.
Case Study - Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc.

Improving Team Performance

Explore how Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc. improved credit-management processes with Creditsafe solutions


When Teri Williams joined Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc. as their new controller, she inherited accounts that were disorganized and old debt that needed to be attended to. She was determined to not only take care of the past, but set a new course forward that would help optimize onboarding, credit-management, and collections processes. 

Unclear credit policies

Excessive old debt

Lack of real-time monitoring


Teri leveraged Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc’s existing relationship with Creditsafe to:

  • Update the onboarding process to focus on standing in the industry, credit history, and credit risk score
  • Monitor customer requests for terms or credit limit increases with Creditsafe recommendations
  • Verify customer payment behaviors across trade lines 


Improved new customer onboarding times

Improved repayment rates

Updated credit limits and terms

I had never heard of Creditsafe before I came to Wayne Pipe & Supply, but have made the best use of the solutions I can since I started. I was able to retire old debts and clean up the accounts with the help of Creditsafe and look forward to expanding my knowledge of all the solutions they offer so we can have the best credit-management practices possible.

Teri Williams
Controller, Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc

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