COVID-19 Impact Score

COVID-19 Impact Score

A Unique Score for a Unique Time

In response to the uncertainty and disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creditsafe USA has created the COVID-19 Impact Score.

This score was created by combining macro and micro economic indicators, federal, state, and local data, and analyzing it in relation to real-time payment and other financial information.

The result is a scoring system designed to predict the likely disruption that a particular company will see from COVID-19.

This new score, used in conjunction with our current scoring models and analysis is designed to give you a clearer predictive view of a company's financial stability. 

Matthew Debbage describing the methodology behind the COVID-19 Impact Score and how finance professionals can use this score to make more informed decisions. 

Our Scoring Index

Scores & Limits

The Covid-19 Impact Score grades the likely disruption to any business on a simple scale ranging from A – very low risk of disruption, to E – very high risk of catastrophic disruption. These scores show the predicted risk level for a company within the next 90 days.

Our initial analysis of the nation shows that almost 30% of U.S. companies score a D or E, meaning they are likely to face considerable disruption within the next 90 days.

The Impact Score differs from Creditsafe's core risk score, which predicts the likelihood of bankruptcy or severe delinquency in the next 12 months and should be used as an additional guidance indicator in these difficult times. 

We Want to Help

To maximize the benefit of the COVID-19 Impact Score, and to help the US business community in every way that we possibly can we have we have taken the following steps:

  1. All current Creditsafe USA customers will have immediate access to the COVID-19 Impact Score. If interested, customers should ask their account managers about running a Portfolio Health Review. 
  2. All US-based businesses who are not Creditsafe USA customers can enroll in our Stay Safe Program to gain complimentary access to our standard credit report package, credit monitoring, data health check, credit building, and much more, including the COVID-19 Impact Score

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Now more than ever, in this volatile time, it is crucial you are actively monitoring your entire customer and supplier base and setting up monitoring alerts to notify you of any changes.

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We highly recommend that you review your current credit policies in light of the ever-changing economic environment. Consideration must be given to industries and government assistance packages. If you would you like our team to help you with this please let us know.

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