Creditsafe Expands Global Business Intelligence With The Addition of South Africa
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Expanding to South Africa

Creditsafe Expands Global Business Intelligence With The Addition of South Africa

Creditsafe continues to enhance the world's largest business intelligence database

ALLENTOWN, PA, Sept. 30, 2019

Creditsafe USA, the global business intelligence experts, announced today that it has extended its global database to include information on private and public companies in South Africa.

South Africa represents over 18% of the African economy, has the 2nd largest economy in Africa and is 36th largest in the world based on nominal GDP. South Africa is seeing steady growth in production and output contributing to a 1.7% increase in GDP. They have additionally experienced a total gross earnings growth of 6.9% year over year.

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"Anyone looking for business clarity in a complex region can find solace in knowing that by using Creditsafe's global business intelligence, they'll now have one source of information on the companies that make up 50% of the overall African economy."

Matthew Debbage
CEO of Creditsafe Asia and Americas

In addition to South Africa, Creditsafe already has comprehensive business data for companies in 9 other African countries, including Egypt and Algeria, the 3rd and 4th largest economies in Africa, respectively

Specifically for South Africa, Creditsafe provides customers with immediate online intelligence for many aspects of a company's key information including company name/address, financial, industry code/description, negative data, payment behavior, shareholder information, and group structure.

"With data now available instantly on companies in South Africa, we provide incredible access to insight on African companies. This allows for greater international trade opportunities for our clients, as they can now access more business and credit data, enabling them to make smarter business decisions."

Matthew Debbage
CEO of Creditsafe Asia and Americas

About the Creditsafe Group

Creditsafe's global database is one of the most rapidly expanding and comprehensive in the industry, updated over a million times a day with information gathered from thousands of sources. Each day over 250,000 users around the world leverage the company's database to make more than 450,000 business decisions with ten Creditsafe Group reports downloaded every second.

Privately owned and independently minded, Creditsafe is looking to change the way business information is used by providing high-quality data in an easy to use format to empower organizations to make smarter business decisions.