Risk and Compliance

Complete your due-diligence process in one platform

Minimize the reputational risk and ensure due diligence when dealing with your customers

Conduct detailed due diligence checks in minutes not hours

By combining multiple datasets you can check a customer in a single view

Automated Flow

Complete your due-diligence process in one platform No company wants to get caught working with known bad actors. Not only do current regulations often mean your company will face heavy fines, but the many company’s find the economic hit from losing trust from their customers can be just as painful. With our comprehensive set of risk and compliance tools, you’ll be establishing your following best practices, doing your due diligence and protecting your business from Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s).

Our Risk and Compliance service allows you to minimize your exposure to AML risk by setting up automated workflows for multiple jurisdictions in a single view thus reducing human error. This also allows different teams across your organization to work with multiple data providers ensuring that your due diligence checks are being met.

Data Sources

Risk and Compliance is powered with data from our selected sources

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What are the benefits of using Risk and Compliance?

Save Time & Money

By automating your process you can reduce your costs

Global Data Coverage

Access global PEPs and Sanctions databases that are updated daily

Process Automation

Data extraction is automated which provides consistent results every time

ID Verification

Our database covers more than half the world's population

Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)

Understand who is in ultimate control of businesses you are dealing with


Companies are increasingly expected to have an in-depth knowledge of who they are doing business with. Any organizations that fall within the scope of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act must retrieve the identity of the UBO of any third parties with whom they conduct business.

With Creditsafe’s Risk and Compliance you can check UBO’s and directors across the globe through a single interface, which becomes part of a time stamped audit trail.   

Worldwide PEP and Sanction Data

Verify your customers against the most up to date PEP and Sanction lists available

Using industry leading PEP & Sanction information, Creditsafe Risk & Compliance can help you to conform to more than one hundred anti-terrorism and money laundering laws, including the US Patriot Act, 4th EU Money Laundering Directive and FATF guidelines by including:

Sanctions and Enforcements

Aggregates information from the most important sanction lists (OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI BIS, etc.) worldwide, grouping them into one category. In addition, information received from enforcement lists and court filings worldwide, such as the FDA, U.S. HHS, UK FSA, SEC and more

Politically Exposed Persons

Money laundering and corruption risks are significantly heightened when dealing with individuals who are classified as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). Creditsafe Risk & Compliance includes access to the world’s largest database of PEPs, as well as associated persons, organisations and state owned entities

Adverse Media

An extensive proprietary database of profiles that have been linked to illicit activities from over 35,000 news sources worldwide

Localized Researchers

100's of researchers around the globe studying both regional and nation press and documentation

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