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By sharing your data you are helping:

Combat late payments

Over 45% of invoices shared with Creditsafe are shown to be paid late. Help us expose these bad payers.

Improve visibility

The more data is shared the better picture you have of your customers and potential clients.

Enhance credit scores

Trade payment data is an important factor in assessing a company's ability to pay its bills. Proving you are a reliable payer can help increase your credit score.

Reduce bad debt

A change in payment behavior is a key identifier of possible financial difficulty.

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone provide payment information?

Yes. We are working with companies of all sizes to integrate their payment information as this will be increasingly important to making business decisions, especially relating to trade credit, in the long term.

How is payment data going to benefit my company?

It’s about seeing the likelihood of a company staying solvent, as well as how promptly they pay creditors. This data is an invaluable tool for cash flow projections and to identify habitual late payers; reducing the risk of bad debt. The majority of companies that enter into administration will show some form of sub-standard payment behaviour, either late payments or no payment at all. Therefore, payment data can prove crucial when contemplating business transactions with a company.

Does your payment data only cover USA?

No, we can also provide payment data for Europe.

How do you stop false payment data being added?

We only allow a company the opportunity to add their payment experiences once, which means that you don’t risk negative or false payment information being added by one business to intentionally affect the data.