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Orcadia Restaurant Limited Credit Report

Orcadia Restaurant Limited is a Private Limited With Share Capital that operates within the Licensed restaurants industry. It was incorporated on 2005 and its headquarters are located at 19A Wellside Place Wellside Place Falkirk Fk1. Orcadia Restaurant Limited is incorporated with the company number UK07393384.

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Company Name:
Orcadia Restaurant Limited
Company Address:
19A Wellside Place Wellside Place Falkirk Fk1
Incorporation Date:
Company Number:
Company Type:
Private Limited With Share Capital
56101, Licensed restaurants
Credit Score:
Credit Limit:
Payments Analysis:
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Financial Data

Latest filings (2021)

Pre-Tax Profit (Total Profit):
Total Current Assets:
65,980 GBP
Total Fixed Assets:
99,159 GBP
Net Worth:
48,800 GBP

Adverse payment profiles

Days Beyond Terms:
Adverse Payments:

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Orcadia Restaurant Limited headquarters?
Orcadia Restaurant Limited's headquarters is located at 19A Wellside Place Wellside Place Falkirk Fk1.
What is Orcadia Restaurant Limited's industry?
Orcadia Restaurant Limited is in the industry of Licensed restaurants.
What year was Orcadia Restaurant Limited incorporated?
Orcadia Restaurant Limited was incorporated in 2005.
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