Creditsafe Protect

Safeguard Your Business From Financial Crime and Reputational Damage

Comprehensive International ID Verification and AML Screening on a Single Platform

Screen New and Existing Business Relationships in Three Clicks

Customers demand a seamless onboarding experience while you need to protect your business. Slow procedures can damage your brand and create friction. Creditsafe Protect allows you to welcome new customers and suppliers with confidence.

Simplify your Customer Due Diligence screening or your KYC Check and the overall compliance audit with an all-in-one platform.

Protect your business from financial crimes, money laundering and reputational damage

Safely onboard customers and suppliers with speed and accuracy

Build long-term business relationships with people you can trust

Decrease workload with a reduction in false positives by up to 80%

A Single Search Connecting you to Thousands of Global Data Sources in Real-time

Protect delivers the intelligence you need to make smart commercial decisions and work with companies who are right for your business

International ID Verification

Verify an individual's identity in just one click

Instantly verify the identity of your new and existing customers against multiple global databases to mitigate the risk of fraud, expedite onboarding and support your KYC obligations.


Official and reliable data

ID Verification is comprehensive and fully GDPR-compliant, you can connect with 70+ data partners and 200+ data sources in over 60 countries.






AML Screening

Sanctions and enforcement lists

Screen using the world's most important sanction lists (including OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI, BIS, etc.), more than 1,000 worldwide enforcement lists, and court filings (such as FDA, US HHS, UK FSA, SEC and many more).


Politically Exposed Persons profiles (PEPs)

With access to more than 1.8 million profiles of politically exposed persons, including their families and associates, Protect enables you to immediately identify potential vulnerabilities and manage risk.


Adverse media

Make better commercial decisions by monitoring 35.000 news sources worldwide. We enable fast and comprehensive screenings to protect your company and its reputation.



The Creditsafe Protect Platform is Agile and Flexible Enough to Meet the Changing Needs of your Business


Access Protect on an intuitive web-based platform or integrate via API

Automate compliance workflows and decisions using Creditsafe's Decision Engine

Full digital audit trail of screening and monitoring activity