Creditsafe Protect

Accelerate Due Diligence and Make Decisions in Minutes

KYC Protect is the end-to-end due diligence platform that unifies KYC checks, AML Screening, and ongoing Monitoring into one comprehensive platform

KYC Check Process

KYC Protect is a powerful tool that equips your business with the ability to safeguard from financial, reputational and legal risk

  1. Protect your business from financial crimes, money laundering and reputational damage

  2. Safely onboard customers and suppliers with speed and accuracy

  3. Build long-term business relationships with people you can trust

  4. Decrease workload with a reduction in false positives by up to 80%

Identify and verify key personnel and officers in seconds.

Establish who are directors, shareholders, and UBOs within a business, and automatically create KYC profiles powered by Creditsafe's global database.

Leverage Creditsafe's dataverse in order to safeguard your business.

  1. 430 million company reports across over 200 countries and territories

  2. 1.4m group structures and 5.4m corporate linkages globally

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International ID Verification


Experience an average of 50% fewer false positives so that time and resources are allocated to identifying and mitigating actual threats to your business.

Screen against all major risk categories to protect your business from legal, financial and reputational threats. You can filter by Sanction type and PEP tier for even more precise risk assessment.

  1. Sanctions

  2. PEPs

  3. State Owned Enterprise

  4. Enforcement

  5. Adverse Media

  6. Profile of Interest

Make Faster Decisions

Make clear-cut decisions about who you should do business with.


Track case status and collaborate with colleagues to ensure a smooth transition from search to decision in just a few clicks, made easier by intuitive profile statuses. Create clean and consistent risk management processes and reduce the likelihood of human error.

  1. Frictionless workflows to assign cases by status

  2. Upload documents to consolidate relevant data

  3. All actions captured in digital audit trail


Monitor Profiles and Stay Updated

Receive notifications when a change occurs to profiles and outstanding cases to take immediate action

Enforcement Alert

AML Monitoring in 233 countries covering global sanctions (OFAC,OFSI, and more), watchlists, PEPs profiles and adverse media.

Name Change Alert

KYC Monitoring in 46 countries covering changes to company registration details, status, directors, financials and negative information. 


Choose how you access KYC Protect

  1. Website

    Access KYC Protect online via our intuitive and user-friendly Accelerator platform. The user interface is designed so you can seamlessly move from our company reports to KYC Protect.

  2. Connect API

    Integrate KYC Protect with your in-house systems to create continuity between due diligence and your existing business operations.

  3. User Freedom and Flexibility

    No restrictions on the number of users you have, just sign up and start benefiting from KYC Protect right away.

Protect your business today

Protect your business from corruption, fraud and reputational damage as a consequence of those that you do business with

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