Customer Credit Application Software

Accelerate your customer onboarding with advanced credit application technology

Allow your customers to send digital credit applications in with one click

Reduce Credit Risk with Automated Vendor Checks

Ensuring your customer onboarding process is as seamless as possible helps ensure a smooth transition for your customer and will provide a solid basis for your business relationship. However being safe in the knowledge that your new customer acquisition has the financial stability to pay for your products and services can really help give you peace of mind. Creditsafe’s new partnership with Nectarine Credit does both of these things. By combining Creditsafe’s world class data with Nectarine Credit’s easy to use platform you have a solution that will allow you to scale up your credit application processes allowing you to onboard more creditworthy customers without the additional cost. 

Reduce Credit Risk When Onboarding New Customers

Manage Your Customer Credit Applications All In One Place

Digitise your onboarding

Automate the credit application process through a very user friendly and structured process eliminating the needs for PDF’s and handwritten applications.

Full Audit Trail

Full audit history of all credit applications, approvals, and updates.

A 360 degree view of your credit applications

Dashboard to manage all outstanding, pending, and approved credit application that can be used across your business from Sales to Finance & Credit

Integrate seamlessly with World Class Data

Powered by Creditsafe, your credit appliations will be screened against our business universe containing over 365 million business records

Reduce delinquencies and defaults by checking customer payment history and having current vendors update you on payment timeliness

Instant access to Creditsafe commercial credit reports to automate decisions or use as a deeper due diligence data source during the customer onboarding and line of credit decisioning