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As the world’s most used provider of company credit reports, Creditsafe help over 200,000 users make 450,000 decisions daily. Below are some of the many reasons they chose Creditsafe:

Our predictive credit scoring system

Our system is one of the most predictive within the industry.

No tiered reports

Unlike our competitors we believe in giving you all the information you need in one report.

Our international coverage

As we own the 365m company reports on our database, we can deliver these instantly online.

Approved by insurers

Our credit scores & limits are endorsed and therefore trusted, by all major global credit insurers.

Dedicated support & account management

With a typical response time of 1 hour, we believe every customer deserves personal account management. That is why every client has a dedicated account manager.

Customized business solutions

We hold a wealth of business data on companies around the world and we can use that data to build your business the customized solution you require.

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