Disruptive, innovative and ambitious

With a vision to change the way companies do business, Creditsafe transforms the efficiency and performance of businesses through data-driven solutions.

What we do

 We deliver valuable intelligence on customers, suppliers and potential buyers to corporates, public sector organisations and SMEs globally. From risk management through to opportunity identification, our solutions turn data into actionable insights that help companies to become stronger, grow faster and thrive.

Over 500,000 users worldwide

25 offices across 3 continents

Global risk intelligence solutions

Growing by over 10% year on year

Challenging the industry status quo since 1997

Harbouring a culture of change, innovation and customer value.

Founded in 1997 in Oslo, Norway, Creditsafe disrupted the market by embracing the internet to supply business information to a market of smaller and medium-sized businesses. At a time when business information was both costly and complex, Creditsafe decided to break the mould and make risk data more accessible for all. As a result, we revolutionised the way business data is accessed and used across the world.

Over the past two decades, Creditsafe has enjoyed exponential growth globally. We continue to thrive and support clients including listed businesses with extensive global footprints and public sector organisations, to mid-market clients with regional footprints and single-country businesses.

Now with operations across Europe, North America, and Asia and a customer base of over 100,000 businesses, Creditsafe continues to drive innovation. By embracing the latest technology, alternative data and machine learning in combination with our comprehensive data asset, we deliver innovative solutions that drive confidence and success among our customer base.

Our history

How we came to be one of the fastest growing businesses in our industry.

  • 1997


    Creditsafe was born in Oslo, Norway.

  • 1998


    With our initial success we expanded into Gothenburg.

  • 2000

    United Kingdom

    We set our sights on the UK market, starting with London.

  • 2006


    Our Roubaix office opened, later joined by our Paris office.

  • 2008


    Creditsafe expanded again with a Dublin office.

  • 2008

    The Netherlands

    We entered the Dutch market with an office in The Hague.

  • 2010


    Creditsafe Berlin was opened as our first German office.

  • 2011


    Soon after we expanded with a new office in Brussels.

  • 2012

    United States

    We crossed the Atlantic and entered the US market in Pennsylvania.

  • 2013


    Turin became our first office location in Italy.

  • 2016


    We entered the Asian market with an office in Fukuoka.

  • 2016


    Our technology team was expanded with an office in India.

  • 2020


    Creditsafe expanded into Canada with our Toronto office.

  • 2021


    Going back to our Scandinavian roots, we opened in Copenhagen.

  • 2022

    Graydon Acquisition

    We acquired Graydon and welcomed them to the Creditsafe Group.


In 2022, Creditsafe Nederland B.V. acquired Graydon Holding N.V. from Atradius. Graydon is a high-end market leader with a vision to deliver superior insights and local excellence. Established in 1888, Graydon Netherlands was incepted at a time of the flourishing international trade in Europe. With creativity, innovation, and knowledge at the heart of the business, Graydon soon emerged as a high-end market leader with a stellar reputation in the Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK markets. 

Local intelligence, global data

The value of a strong brand cannot be underestimated in today’s business intelligence space, where client loyalty and trust in a brand sit at the heart of all major business decisions. 

With a new combined corporate identity across Belgium and The Netherlands, both Creditsafe and Graydon are uniting their industry-leading capabilities under one common banner. The new co-branding communicates how Creditsafe will combine its technology leadership and international coverage with Graydon’s market knowledge and analytical services to help both local & international companies.

Our values

Creditsafe Values


Since the beginning, we have strived to change the industry and provide fair access to business intelligence for all. No matter your business size, we treat each customer as an extension of our business, delivering first-class customer service, fair competitive pricing, and eagerly listening to feedback.


We dare to be different and continually look for new ways to disrupt the market and offer our clients more. We persistently find new ways to put data at the heart of corporate decision-making, source unique data and develop new insights to change how companies do business. We recognise life is too short to be unhappy with your service, and we are striving to make your experience different.


We are incredibly passionate about what we do and are proactive in bringing our customers the most superior and accurate information in a fast-paced, digital environment. We are strongly connected in the industry and have ties to other leaders across associated sectors. This enables us to stay ahead of new trends, laws and legislation, and to influence or adapt accordingly.


Our speed in bringing innovative products to market, developing new features and working with our clients to implement their solutions sets us apart in the industry. This is one of many reasons why 95% of our customers choose to stay with us long-term. 

Looking for information about our solutions?

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