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Company credit reports

Determine the maximum amount of credit to extend to your customers based on company information including, payment history, CCJs, financial stability, credit scores and limits.

Real time credit risk monitoring

Monitor the financial health of new and existing customers and receive real-time alerts of credit risk changes, news and company changes that may indicate financial stress.

Global company search

Instantly search our database of more than 240 million company credit risk profiles to determine the risk when trading with overseas customers.

Parent and related companies

Visualise the relationship between companies from around the world with international ownership and global company linkages.

Directors & Shareholders

Access full company director and shareholder profiles to confirm ownership to assess the performance of current and previous directors.

Full company financials

Review the financial performance of companies from the previous 5 years including, balance sheets, company assets and profit & loss statements.

Real-time company news

Stay up to date with the latest company news including, adverse company media monitoring.

Connect API

Integrate Creditsafe data into your business systems using our powerful company and person data API.

Sales intelligence

Determine the right time to pursue opportunities based on key company events including, mergers, acquisitions, company growth and performance.

Marketing data lists

Build and download targeted sales and marketing lists for prospecting based on over 20 different search criteria.

100,000 companies and counting

Thousands of companies worldwide use Creditsafe to grow revenue and reduce bad debt.

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