Our data

Our global network of business and director data powers over a million business decisions every day.

We translate data into value

We utilise our vast data asset to generate valuable insights that help businesses grow.

In an age where we have access to more data than ever before, today’s decision-makers need solutions that deliver the most valuable insights, not simply the most information. At Creditsafe, we pride ourselves on cutting through the noise of millions of daily business changes to deliver valuable insights and actionable intelligence to our clients when they need it.

  1. Our data drives over 1.06 million business decisions every day.

  2. Our data helps predict up to 70% of bankruptcies 12 months in advance.

  3. Our data fueled 272 million credit reports in 2021, a 23% increase from 2020.

Understand the companies you are doing business with

Explore detailed company profiles for businesses across the globe.

It all begins with sourcing the highest quality of data available from local registries and trusted sources across the globe. Our local offices, as well as established partnerships across each continent, allow us to source a wide range of business data, from registration information to the date a specific business invoice was paid. 

We validate, cleanse, and amalgamate data from over 9,000 sources to generate a dynamic database of over 365 million businesses and 290 million directors from over 160 countries. While we may not hold information on every business in the world, 99.9% of all company reports requested by our customers are delivered instantly online. Our data is refreshed 5 million times per day to ensure the freshest information is delivered to every customer. 

Creditsafe Map

Uncover the complex world of corporate networks

Creditsafe allows you to explore global group linkages and shareholders with ease.

In a world of international trade and complex corporate ownership, we endeavour to provide insights on not only the companies you are doing business with, but illuminate their ownership structure and the wider corporate networks they operate within. We continually extract and examine the details of all businesses within our database to establish significant shareholders and reveal a global view of their corporate linkages, even where they span multiple territories and corporate levels.

Connecting you to a universe of trade experience data

Global payment data enhances our scores, credit limits and business reports.

As a strong indicator of future behaviour, global trade payment data forms a valuable part of our company information, feeding continual streams of new data into our business reports, payment indicators, and credit scores. With a vast number of trade payment contributors all over the world, nearly 50% of Creditsafe reports are enriched with real-life payment information.  

Many of our Trade Payment Data contributors utilise Creditsafe’s most sophisticated debtor management software, Industry Platform. Facilitating the real-time exchange of anonymous trade experiences online within a closed credit circle, Industry Platform improves efficiencies and reduces common credit risks by generating hyper-relevant payment insights. 

Bringing thousands of trusted data sources into a single solution

Our data is refreshed 5 million times each day to provide the most up-to-date information.

  1. Registration Data

  2. Company Data

  3. Directors

  4. Financial Accounts

  5. Banking Data

  6. Trade Payment Data

  7. Court Judgements

  8. Group Structures

  9. Shareholders

  10. Credit Scores & Limits

  11. Land Ownership

  12. Contact Information

Discover the full power of our data

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