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Creditsafe Group performance at a glance

We are one of the fastest growing companies in our industry realising double-digit growth year-over-year.

At Creditsafe, we continuously strive to deliver the best possible service to our customers and to be everywhere they do business. 2022 has been another year where we have wholeheartedly embraced change and emerged stronger as a result. 

The ongoing effects of the pandemic have brought much uncertainty and disruption to key economic drivers and global trade. Despite these challenges, demand for our services has remained strong, and we have delivered an exceptional performance.

In 2021, revenue increased by 11.7% (2020: 7.5% ) to € 191 million (2020: € 171 million). Besides revenue development, Creditsafe is very actively managing its cost to income ratio and is managing costs in line with the revenue development.

Creditsafe continues to strive to make the operations more efficient. The operating result increased by 25% (2020: 20%) to € 45 million in 2021. 

Creditsafe continues to have a solid balance sheet position with negative net debt. 

Key figures Creditsafe Group

Over the past three years (consolidated)

Amounts in EUR millions

*Net debt, calculated as total liabilities (excluding deferred income liability) less current assets. This represents the required or (surplus) funds at group's disposal.

Business Outlook

Business Outlook

We continuously strive to exceed customer expectations by providing trusted business insight solutions, while keeping a strong focus on revenue, profit, and growth KPIs. 

Creditsafe has a strong track record with double-digit annual growth over the past years and is confident that this performance will be maintained in the near future, turning more gradual in the more distant future.

Annual Report

Borasco S.à r.l. Annual Report

Borasco S.à r.l. is the Creditsafe Group’s ultimate holding company, organising the strategic management and financing of the Creditsafe Group.

The Annual Report is a complete overview of the performance of Borasco S.à r.l. in a year. It includes performance and strategy, full-year accounts and additional financial information.

Creditsafe Nederland B.V.

Following Creditsafe Nederland B.V.’s acquisition of Graydon Holding N.V. we are pleased to provide you details of the business, performance, ownership and annual reports including a letter of support from Safe Information Group NV.

Company Profile

Creditsafe Nederland B.V. is a private limited liability company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Netherlands with the corporate seat in the Hague and registered address Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat 10, 2595 WP, 's-Gravenhage, The Netherlands.  

The activities of Creditsafe Nederland B.V. consist mainly of providing online business information and credit reports and performing all acts related to the mentioned services. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Safe Information Group N.V.

Safe Information Group N.V. is 79.37% held by Borasco Holding S.à r.l., a company established and existing under the laws of Luxembourg. 

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a complete overview of the performance of Creditsafe Nederland B.V. in a year. It includes performance and strategy, full-year accounts and additional financial information. 

The equity of Creditsafe Nederland B.V. amounts to EUR 551k negative as of 31 December 2021 (2020: EUR 1,816 thousand negative). It is financed in full with current account funds provided by the parent entity. 

The company is explicitly supported by the parent company Safe Information Group NV., expressed via letter of support. We expect that the cash flow and equity of Creditsafe Nederland B.V. will continue to develop positively in the next few financial years. 

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