Debt Recovery

Irish & International Business Debt Collection and Recovery Services

Let Creditsafe remove the headache of debt collection.

I am owed money what can I do?

If a customer has not paid you then you need to take some action to collect the debt.

You can chase the debt yourself or seek help from a third party.  If you have the time to chase your debtor then collecting a debt yourself is the preferred option.  However, if the debtor is resisting your requests for payment then third party debt collection can often help. 

Most people think of legal solutions and instruct a solicitor.  However, there is an alternative.  Through Creditsafe’s network of partners we are able to collect the debt for you. These are not the doorstep bailiffs most people think of but are companies who work from an office, are regulated by the FCA, and will take on the role of your credit manager.  

What is the best way to collect a debt?

If you have the time to chase your debtor and they are expected to pay quickly then collecting a debt yourself is the preferred option.

However, in most cases you won’t have the time needed so using a service like Creditsafe is a preferable first step to recovering a bad debt.  We offer a no cost no risk solution to debt recovery and can prepare the ground for recovering the debt through the courts. 

Creditsafe Debt Collection Services

What are the advantages of using Creditsafe?

Using Creditsafe to collect a bad debt is usually more cost effective than doing it yourself: it is likely to be more successful, and is usually more cost efficient than instructing a legal firm. We will provide a no-win no-fee service meaning you will not pay a penny if the debt cannot be collected.  If the debt is collected then often the fees can be collected from the debtor. 

Other benefits of using Creditsafe’s debt collection service include:

No Win No Fee

Minimise costs and only pay if we successfully recover the debt for you.

Quicker resolution

Will often recover the debt more quickly meaning improved cash flow timing.

Maintain relationships

Helps maintain your good business relationship with the customer which might otherwise be threatened.

Identify any ongoing problems

Can often more easily identify the reasons for non-payment and act as the go-between to negotiate a resolution.

Compliance with regulations

Ensures that all debt recovery processes are carried out in accordance with regulations and any industry standards which apply.

Experience with the courts

Will advise on the wisdom of seeking recovery through the courts and can instruct a legal firm on your behalf if the debt cannot be collected amicably.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a debt collection service?

Yes. Creditsafe provide a 'no win/no fee' debt collection service through our Debt Collection services. We use trusted Debt Collection partners to help recover lost money.

Can I collect international debts?

Yes. Through Creditsafe's Debt Collection Service you can recover debts from international companies. Our service will identify which partner firm is based in the country of the debtor in order to recover the monies owed. These teams are aware of local laws and customs which are incorporated into their negotiations to increase success rates.

What is the process to collect a debt?

At the point of referral, the Creditsafe Debt Collection team agree an approach, the content and timings of letters issued, as well as phone calls, plus reporting formats and legal action options if required. 

Do you collect debts from non-limited companies or sole traders?

Yes. Creditsafe's Debt Collection services include Non-Limited companies and Sole Traders, as well as B2C recoveries.