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Comprehensive 'Know Your Customer' checks with bank match, passport validation, driving licence checks and more

All users of ID must be DPR registered.

Create trusted relationships whilst ensuring regulatory compliance

Having confidence in who you do business with is crucial, which is why we build over 300 data sources into our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. Creditsafe ID enables you to operate with the knowledge that you are dealing with reputable individuals and adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention.

Speed Up On-boarding

Creditsafe ID provides a trusted Pass/Refer decision in seconds; accelerating customer verification and on-boarding. Reduce customer frustration and drop-off rates due to slow and tiresome KYC processes with instant checks, so you can focus on the rest of your customer journey.

Reduce Risk to Your Business

Operate with confidence knowing that you are adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention by verifying the information provided is correct. Our online ID Checks can help provide peace of mind that the identity actually exists by screening against multiple official databases, including the International PEP and Sanction databases.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks are a crucial element of your customer due diligence processes and are gaining evermore prominence with increasingly tighter regulation across the EU. Be confident that your customers, suppliers and employees really are who they say they are, and ensure regulatory compliance with Creditsafe’s ID Verification.

Just a few of the many data sources we check against

Creditsafe ID complies with all standard Know Your Customer practices. These can be used by almost any company for general due diligence when verifying new customers, suppliers or employees for example. Creditsafe ID will enable you to reinforce checks by verifying against:

Compliance Checks
  • European ID
  • National Insurance Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Bank Account
  • Multiple Sanction Databases*
  • Birth Index Register
  • Age Range
  • Telephone Directory (BT)
  • Mortality Registers
  • P.E.P. Database*
  • Electoral Roll
  • Postcode Address File (Royal Mail)
  • Consent databases

Who needs to conduct customer ID verification?

Comprehensive ID Checks are critical for many high risk industries to protect them from fraud and penalties due to illegal activity. With your business’ protection from risk at the heart of everything we do, our Identify Verification checks support industries such as:



Estate Agents

Legal Practices

Gaming & Gambling

Retail Services

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*All users of ID must be DPR registered.

Frequently asked questions

How can ID Verification help me to comply with current regulation?

Creditsafe ID Verification complies with all standard Know Your Customer (KYC) practices, which are a legal requirement for a number of high risk industries. We build over 300 data sets into our KYC checks, allowing you to speed up your verification process whilst being confident that you are adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention.

Is the data transmitted and received secure?

Absolutely. Our ID Verification services are hosted in secure data centres and comply with ISO27001 standards.

If Passports And Driving Licences Are collected, why check anything else?

Electronic Verification can check a wider range of information, thus providing a more thorough knowledge of your client (KYC – Know Your Customer). In addition, it can also enable you to check other data sets such as PEP's and Sanctions lists, which is advisable and specified by the 4th European Money Laundering Directive.

Do you need permission to perform a check?

You do not need an individual's permission however the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) states that you must inform the person that a check is being conducted using a 3rd party supplier.