Tracing & Investigation

Quickly find a person using minimal information with Creditsafe Trace

Don't waste time on a tiresome chase, look up your missing debtors quickly today.

*All users of Trace must be DPR registered.

Rediscover your missing customers with the best match rates available

Utilising the most data sources of any UK provider, we will quickly track down your goneaways.

Trace Process

Creditsafe Trace helps you to quickly find a person or debtor that you have lost track of. Utilising a collection of official records and databases we perform a person lookup to identify, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals.

It’s fast and simple, just enter the last known details such as a name, address and date of birth and immediately receive a report detailing linked addresses, residency judgement data and deceased details allowing you to confidently find a person in seconds.

It's no wonder that we lose track of old customers when...

The average databases decay at a rate of over 20% per year.

2.4m people move within the UK every year

85,000 people changed their name by deed poll in 2017

600,000 deaths were recorded in 2017 within the UK

We match against official records & consumer databases:

You may only hold a previous known address, or someone's maiden name, but Creditsafe Trace can utilise this minimal information to generate a match and provide up to date and accurate details on your customer or missing individual. We'll even give the option to enhance and enrich your data with additional information that your records are missing, making it easier to reach out and establish contact with your newly rediscovered database.

Speak to us today for a free no-obligation match count on your entire database of goneaways.

Consented Telephone Numbers

Email Addresses

Deceased (Halo)

Insolvency/ Bankruptcy

Land Registry*

Electoral Roll

Dates of Birth

Goneaway Flags

*only available on Bulk Trace

Get a free match count on your missing customer database

Don't waste time on a tiresome chase, look up your missing debtors quickly today

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*All users of Trace must be DPR registered.

Have a large database of goneaways you need to track down?

No problem, you can automatically look up 1000’s of missing customers in minutes.

Bulk Trace Upload

Find multiple people or debtors in one go with Bulk Trace. Whether you have a collection of outdated records or need to update your entire database, Bulk Trace offers a fast and effective person lookup solution to find multiple missing individuals. 

Whether you have partial customer data, or are simply looking to enrich your current database with additional information, Creditsafe’s Bulk Trace allows you to append new and up to date data to your existing customer records using our extensive consumer data lists.

Creditsafe API

Tracking down missing debtors and individuals on a regular basis? Why not integrate the powerful data and intelligence of Trace into your own in-house system via our API. 

Gain complete control and flexibility of our Trace service with our API. Remove the need to export and re-import your customer data. Simply plug in our Trace API and start updating and appending new customer information, live from our consumer data lists, straight back into your CRM or Accounting system