Create your future customer lists online

Build own lists of potential customers to increase the opportunities for your business.

This service is for business users only.

Business data is ever changing - so is our database

Our data is continually refreshed allowing you to be confident in the audience you choose to target.

  1. Geographic Information

  2. Credit Score

  3. Credit Limit

  4. Business description

  5. Number of employees

  6. Turnover

  7. Years in business

  8. Telephone number

Create new Customer Lists Online

Our business lists allow you to target new business opportunities in the following countries

    United Kingdom

New customer lists for any countries based on your needs

Offline list are available for world wilde

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Philippine
  • Myanmar

*These are some example of Asian countries

*We provide you offline lists within about 3 weeks

Utilization of company list in marketing activities

Marketing list is one of the most efficient approaches in BtoB trading

Drive more sales through Creditsafe Marketing Solutions

Promotion further sales

Our marketing list makes direct promotions such as telesales and direct mail marketing possible.

Maximize the Return on Investment with Creditsafe


Only contact actual decision-makers to get the best results.

Increase lead quality with targeted sales lists

Test marketing

It can also be used as a preliminary survey list to check how much needs the new product have.

Great ways to use Creditsafe Marketing Lists

  1. Newly formed

    Stay a step ahead and beat the competition. New businesses need to procure an array of new services; ensure you are at the top of their preferred supplier list.

  2. Distressed organisations

    The strong business in on the trend is not always the best target. Companies that are struggling may have great potential and be waiting for your proposal.

  3. Credit score & Payment information

    Make sure the businesses can afford to pay you. Target businesses with a healthy credit rating to help reduce the risk to your own business.

  4. Past negative information

    Negative information, including bankruptcies, Judgments and Lawsuits can help you to reduce the risk by establishing which companies are a potential threat for you to go into business with.

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This service is for business users only.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy email data?

We are afraid that we don't provide email date.

Can I ensure I am only purchasing new data?

Our solution includes a de-dupe function to ensure you are only targeting fresh data.

How often is your data updated?

As a primary source of business information, the Creditsafe data universe is updated every 24 hours.

Do you provide company lists of Asian?

Online marketing lists are only for those countries above; however, we can provide marketing lists "Offline" for any country in the world.

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