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QA Engineer

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QA Engineer

Creditsafe provide relaxed and productive atmosphere. It enriches with positive value, flexibility, compassion, respect and understanding and will take care of their employees by coaching sessions, Fun games, Friday feeling (where you can have fun with other employees) which is very important for mental health of the employees.

It’s been couple of months since I have joined Creditsafe family, and I have absolutely loved working for Creditsafe and would very much like to continue my employment with the organization. I have been treated wonderfully by management and have always been made to feel like part of the team. I await more learning with great expectations from the company.

When I work with my team we share ideas, collectively approach objectives and make the best possible use of available resources. It is important to support each other in team so that the team will be successful whenever it comes to reaching its goals. My team always consistently support me, we communicate freely together.

The best part of it is we can share our innovative ideas and discuss with teams. There are plenty of opportunities you can explore.

I am pleased that they have high standards for their employees to go by. My manager is a good listener who gives me time to explain myself and my team lead resolves my issues very quickly. Creditsafe learning gave me ability to work in team structure. Ability to make decision and solve problems. Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work. Ability to obtain and process information.

Coming to my interview experience, they checked whether I have skills to handle situation and problems that will arise at the company. I like their time management and quick response. 

Thank you Creditsafe, you're amazing!

Full Stack Engineer

The Change


Full Stack Engineer

Unlike at many other companies, you do not feel unheard. Managers/Seniors at Creditsafe always consider everyone’s opinions, and if finds that useful, prepares the plan of action involving everyone in the team.

Being a Full Stack developer, its really wonderful working at Creditsafe. First of all, Creditsafe has given opportunities to many people recently during 2021 hiring, to be full stack developers irrespective of their background, whether a back-end or a front-end developer. It happens rarely in any company. It is almost an aspiration for any developer to be working on both the ends of web development, which Creditsafe is fulfilling.

Being a part of first engineering team working independently, it really helped me to put my hands on multiple technologies including React.js, Cloud technologies such as Azure/AWS, .Net Core. Not just this, but also helped me in understanding how the pipelines work, how the infrastructure is laid out using terraforms which comes under Infrastructure-As-Code(IAC).

Team members are always ready to guide you and Creditsafe has really got talented & helpful minds. Moreover, you have the freedom of thoughts, work, and proposing various things to make Creditsafe a better place to work.

Best part of following the agile methodologies, you get to participate in every process involved. You get to speak or share your opinions during each call at Creditsafe.

Company maintains a really good work-life balance. Managers will not force you to work at some specific timings, you are free to work on your own time, just making sure you are completing the tasks you have been assigned. There is really no micromanagement. People are very considerate here. Leaves are approved very easily without having to give many reasons. Salaries are credited on time, always. What else does a person need to have a good life & work. Its all there at Creditsafe. 

At Creditsafe Technology, it’s a WIN-WIN for both an employee & employer. Come and join us 😊