Payment & Collection Solutions

Creditsafe’s trade payment data programme is a wealth of trade payment information, contributing to the bigger picture of how companies around the world pay their invoices.​

Trade Payment Data Programme

True picture of how businesses pay their bills to companies in the real world

Trade Payment Data Programme

A company's payment behaviour is a strong indicator of their current financial situation. If a company falls behind on its invoices, it is much more likely to be at risk of insolvency or probability of default. ​

The payment data we collect in our trade payment data programme is based on real and unique payment experiences of companies all over the world. These payment performances are then, unanimously and confidentially, reflected in our credit reports. This gives customers a clear overview of how companies pay other suppliers. ​

Creditsafe analyses payment information from an average of 297 million invoices per year. On average, 31% of all payment transactions Creditsafe receive and analyse are overdue.​

Ledger Management

3D Ledger takes customer’s sales ledger data and combines it with Creditsafe’s live international business data and over 297 million trade payment experiences. This combined data puts the ultimate solution in accounts receivables collection right in customer hands.​

3D Ledger provides a 12-month payment analysis on matched companies to display how clients pay, compared to their other suppliers and the industry average. The trend indicator shows if a customer's payment habits are improving or worsening.​

3D Ledger has the tools customers need to prioritise their payment collections and help lower the risk of bad debt, reduce invoice payment times, and improve overall cash flow.​

Creditsafe 3D Ledger management tool takes your own sales ledger data and combines it with our international risk management database.

Professional debt collection

Debt Recovery

With over 20 years experience in all aspects of debt collection, Creditsafe’s Professional Debt Collection partners can take on customer referred debt and chase it for them.​

It’s easy, customers simply search the Creditsafe system for the company that owes money, enter the invoice details, and choose a partner. ​

The chosen partner who works on a no-win, no-fee basis will then use their wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge to try and collect customer invoice.​

Debt recovery letters

Customers chase overdue payments with Creditsafe’s convenient letter sending service that sends payment reminders and notifications when their clients haven’t paid on time.

Customers simply search for the debtor in question through the Creditsafe system, enter the amount of debt owed, choose from the range of templates and Creditsafe will then send the chasing letters on customer behalf. ​

Debt overdue