Credit & Risk Solutions

Automate company change monitoring and credit & lending decisions

Company Monitoring

Keep a close eye on customers and suppliers without the need to regularly check company credit reports.

If there are any changes in the financial company information or changes to the credit report, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us

With Creditsafe's International Company Monitoring, customers will never have unpleasant surprises about the professional relationships that have an impact on their businesses.​

If there are changes in the financial company information or changes to the credit report, customers will receive an automatic e-mail from Creditsafe, notifying of the change and providing a direct link to the credit report. ​

Company Monitoring is smart, efficient and a simple solution for credit and risk management, customers will not only save time, but they will also see the warning signals in time and be able to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner.​

Check & Decide™

Automate credit and lending decisions to save time and create operational efficiencies

Check & Decide™ let customers run the most advanced automated decisions directly from within the Creditsafe platform. No need for costly IT or Development resource, meaning customers can streamline and automate decisions right away.​

Customers can make smart decisions in under 60 seconds on the things that affect their day-to-day operations.​

Our no-code decision-making platform already includes data from over 200 different sources, allowing customers to automate decisions on thousands of data points from the world's leading business, consumer and compliance data providers.​

We design, build and deploy custom decisioning models for every customer since we know one-size doesn’t fit all

  1. Banking and lending

    Creditsafe supports lenders and challenger banks by automating end-to-end lending processes. Business, consumer and identity data can power real-time decisions in under a second, delivering fast approvals and unforgettable customer experiences.

  2. Digital onboarding

    Customers demand a frictionless onboarding process, but ever-changing compliance regulations and evolving fraud risks threaten to slow down the process. Creditsafe’s risk decisioning platform simplifies creation, adjustments and implementation of risk processes - powering fully automated onboarding.

  3. Retail and point-of-sale

    Retailers need the right data to make accurate lending decisions quickly. Creditsafe provides one-click, real-time decision engine functionalities that power more accurate credit decisions.

  4. Auto leasing and financing

    Auto lenders need smooth loan approvals that quickly move cars off the lot. Creditsafe let them deploy sophisticated risk models to make the right decisions in seconds without relying on external vendors or development teams.

Covid-19 Impact Score

In response to the business uncertainty and disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creditsafe has created the COVID-19 Impact Score.

This score was created to help businesses understand the level of impact that the Coronavirus would likely have on a particular company in the next 90 days.

By combining our COVID-19 Impact Score with our Credit Risk Score, businesses can see a clearer picture of a company’s outlook and make decisions based on analysis backed by our industry leading data.

The COVID-19 Impact Score was created with a two-stage methodology. First by analyzing the impact the global pandemic has on particular industries and then by combining that data with company specific information to achieve a score for individual businesses.

Covid-19 Impact Score