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Close more deals faster with targeted opportunities and sales lead intelligence

Salesforce Lead Generator

Develop fully bespoke lead lists by with customizable Lead Generator app

Creditsafe’s Lead Generator app provides rich and accurate information on over 78 million UK and International companies from 13 countries.

We gather data from only the most reliable and trusted sources throughout the world, which include both official data sources, trusted media sources and specially selected partners who supply world-class data directly to Creditsafe.​

With access to our accurate and real-time business information, customers can be sure that their sales teams will be as effective as possible in targeting attractive new business opportunities.​


Assign leads to individual sales people and automate an import of new leads


Share leads among teams​

Once developed, lead lists can be distributed to one or multiple teams quickly and easily through Salesforce. Customer will be able to gain access to 24 different data outputs that cover a company’s contact details, financial information and company structure.

Schedule a regular import of fresh leads​

Customers can schedule a stream of regular and manageable leads to be imported on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customers have the option to specify how many leads are imported and at what time. With the freshest lead information imported regularly, customer teams can work as effectively and efficiently as possible.​

Creditsafe Prospects

Build global marketing lists and boost new business opportunities with pre-qualified sales leads

Creditsafe Prospects reveals large numbers of organisations that resemble perfect clients and are most likely to convert, as well as be able to pay, so Creditsafe customers don't waste their time on poor fit businesses. 

Connected to Creditsafe’s world-leading company information database, Prospects holds 70 million up-to-date business profiles from across 12 countries.

Creditsafe’s data is collected from thousands of reliable and official sources to ensure that customers approach legitimate organisations that meet their credit policy and reflect the profile of their ideal customer. 

Prospects is connected to Creditsafe's leading global company credit information database, containing 50 million updated company profiles from over 12 countries.

Customers can choose the access that best suits their business

Design your list of ideal customers by selecting your criteria, and instantly see the impact of each selection on your target audience.

Creditsafe Prospects is a modern and intuitive platform that makes building the list of pre-qualified sales leads quick and easy. 

Customers can design their list of ideal clients by selecting their criteria and instantly view the impact each selection has on their audience size.

The sales leads are accessible through the dashboard, with easy-to-view profiles, ability to add additional fields, and the option to explore even more details within a full company report.

Customers can download the target group via .csv or .xlsx, so they can be easily uploaded into their CRM or ERP systems.

Data Cleaning & Enhancement

Quickly restore the accuracy of business records

Creditsafe Data Cleaning quickly restores the accuracy of customer’s business records of their clients. Powered by Creditsafe’s real-time international database, our unique matching algorithm detects duplicate, expired and inaccurate data, replacing these with refreshed and verified information. 

Our data is gathered and refreshed daily from official registries, local publications, debt collection agencies, trade payment partners and many other trusted sources. 

All data is verified, formatted in a common structure and amalgamated into our wholly-owned database, where each record is assigned a SafeNumber IDs to assure its uniqueness.

Customers can assess their entire portfolio, for industry distribution, geographic spread, risk profiling and data decay rate, using Creditsafe’s non-nominal Data Health Check to get 360-degree overview of their client records. 

By checking, analysing and enriching your database on a regular basis, you will prevent incorrect data from appearing in your portfolios and databases and guarantee the smooth operations of your organisations workflows.