Waarom klanten van Creditsafe houden én blijven

Meer dan 110.000 klanten & 500.000 gebruikers wereldwijd vertrouwen de bedrijfsdata van Creditsafe

Om erachter te komen waarom klanten zo overtuigd zijn van Creditsafe, kan u vandaag nog een gratis bedrijfs- of kredietrapport bekijken.

Tot op heden is Creditsafe de meest gebruikte leverancier van handels- en kredietinformatie. Sinds onze oprichting in 1997 hebben we data oplossingen geleverd aan grote en kleine bedrijven, overheidsinstanties en andere organisaties. 

Dit zeggen onze gebruikers:


"Creditsafe helps us to manage our customers preventively and curatively, allowing us to optimise our risk management"


"As a global business we need partners who can deliver on a global scale and Creditsafe manages that and more every day."

Speedy Hire

"Having been with our existing supplier for over 10 years, the thought of switching to a new credit reference agency was very daunting. Creditsafe have been very supportive during the move."


"Creditsafe is used in every department, a very useful business tool!"

"Creditsafe enables us to automate and digitise part of our credit decisions in an efficient and relevant way. As a result Creditsafe helps us to achieve our objective of operational excellence in the risk department".

Bobcat of Knoxville

We’ve been using the Creditsafe platform and we really love it! It is simple to use, loaded with information and easy to read. From the dashboard, you are able to access a whole portfolio of information. The tabs are smartly organized and make it easy to navigate. The Creditsafe platform offers a lot of different tools and techniques through which you can easily conduct diligence and assess risk of any partner or provider. We use the Creditsafe Platform every day and all day to gauge the risk of deal. It has proven to be incredibly helpful. 

- (US Customer)

Bobcat of Knoxville

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