Trade Payment Program

Join the world's largest business intelligence community and access exclusive benefits and features

Reduce your credit risk exposure by gaining a deeper insight into your customers

By blending your AR data with Creditsafe's global business database you can spot trends and warnings signs even sooner

Sharing your trade payment data with Creditsafe allows us to paint a better picture of the companies you work with, and the industries that they operate in. As our program continues to grow, we can further distinguish the good paying companies from the poor which in turn will help you manage your own cashflow.

Understanding how companies pay their bills in the real world helps you to understand their payment strategies and where in the payment order your business sits.

Trade Exchange Program

Get access to exclusive additional features and services

Sharing your trade payment data with us you unlocks additional services that are otherwise not available

Get access to exclusive additional features and services

Trade Line Level Data

Review the payment data in non aggregated form. By analysing this data at trade line level, you can identify any signs of default and take appropriate action in your cash collection strategy.

Industry Drill Downs

By investigating how businesses pay companies within different industries, you can understand their hierarchy of payments and see where your business fits into this payment process.

Historic Trade Data

By reviewing the payment history of a business, you can identify trends and patterns and spot any reoccurring patterns or red flags in advance.

Optimize your cashflow collections strategy with our ledger management tool

Understand and improve your risk position with a complete view of your entire portfolio

In addition to our advanced trade analysis features, active contributors will also get access to 3D Ledger. Our interactive risk management tool allows you to get incredible insights into the financial health of your accounts by adding our global risk management data to your balance sheet.

Prioritize your collections

Delve deeper into customer trends

Instant reporting

With 3D Ledger you can review your entire portfolio and highlights areas of concern based upon key financial indicators such as days beyond terms (DBT), size of business, age of debt and any delinquent payment behavior. This additional insight allows you to enhance the efficiency of your cash collections teams and help avoid bad debt

  • Prioritize collections based upon risk posed by customer, DBT, invoice amounts and much more
  • Receive notifications and alerts when there is a change in circumstances
  • Improve cashflow by understanding how your customers pay their bills and where you sit within their payment strategy
Prioritize your collections strategy with 3D Ledger

3D Ledger incorporates data from your own customer portfolio and combines this with our trade payment program and data from our business information universe to give you an unparalleled view of your customer base. By combining your data with ours, we can provide you with a 12 month payment analysis on matched data so that you can see not only how your customers are paying you, but how they are paying their other credit commitments. Analyzing this trend allows you to spot any potential warning signs and you can adjust your cash collections strategy accordingly.

Delve Deeper into your Customer Trends

3D Ledger allows you to analyze your portfolio as you see fit however to help you get started, there are a number of pre-built reports to give you instant visibility on your top debt-threat companies, number of companies trading above the advised credit limit, three month retrospective payment performance and much more.

22 pre-built instant reports, including:

  • Scheduled CFO reports
  • List of accounts by sales person
  • Companies trading below recommended limit
  • Top 10 accounts by balance
  • List of accounts by credit controller
  • Trading group summary report
Create Custom Reports along with 22 Pre-Built Reports
Prioritize your collections
Delve deeper into customer trends
Instant reporting

Joining the program will help you:

Gain a greater understanding of the payment behaviors of your customers

Give you better protection for your business against late payers

Identify the customers that pose the most risk to your business

Enhance and improve credit control processes

Incentivize customers to pay on time

Reward your good payers

Be a part of the world's largest business intelligence community

By joining our growing list of trade payment data suppliers - through sharing your trade experiences with us - you’ll benefit from being within the industry’s most robust universe of commercial trade providers. By  confidentially sharing your commercial trade payment experiences with us, we can build an accurate picture of your customers’ payment history. We gather, sort, and process trade payment data to provide a wider and more complete overall picture of a company’s payment record, giving you better information leading to better decisions.

By participating in the Creditsafe Trade Payment Data Program, you’ll increase the knowledge pool with your own credit risk data and help improve trade payment best practice.

When your customers know you’re sharing business risk intelligence with over 100,000 Creditsafe customers around the world, they’ll make sure they’re giving you a great trade payment story to tell us.


Report Late Payers

If a company knows you report your payment data, their ability to obtain credit, bank loans and to purchase on terms will be affected. As a result, they will have a greater incentive to pay you on time.

Reward On-time Payers

More payment data on a credit report can give a company a higher credit score and limit. By reporting on customers who pay on time, you’re helping them build and even improve their credit profile.

Reporting Trade Data every month is easy and we don’t need a special "membership" (aka additional fee) to report customers that are slow and late paying. We feel this is a very important factor in the business world - you shouldn’t have to “pay extra” to let other businesses know what kind of customer they may have applying for credit.

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