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What goes into a business credit report?

Scores & Limits

Financial Data

Officer Information

Invoices and Payments

Data analysis is at the core of what we do at Creditsafe. Our industry leading scoring system includes key statistical metrics and the most advanced statistical techniques to help determine the financial stability of a company.

With our scoring model, we can predict 70% of company insolvencies 12 months in advance—saving you the financial worry that bad debt brings. In fact, our credit scores and limits are so predictive that all leading credit insurers endorse them.

Scores & Limits

While we make every effort to simplify the credit lending decision for you through our ratings and limits, we understand that our business credit reports are also used for other purposes. For example, our credit reports provide you with the crucial data needed when you’re looking at a potential merger or takeover and tendering process, or if you want a more in depth view of a company you’re about to do business with. This is why we include up to 5 years’ of full financials as standard.

In a Creditsafe business credit report you will always find (where available) the following:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Capital & Reserves
  • Key Ratios
  • Cashflow

In addition to this data, we also include access to information such as UCC filings, new corporations, director changes, changes of registered addresses, and much more.

Financial Data

To gain a better insight into a how a company operates, you need to know more about the people running the business.

By reviewing information on the people leading a company, you can get a better understanding of where the business is going. All our business credit reports include officer data, and using our reports you can expect to find the following information:

  • Full Name and Address
  • Month and Year of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Appointment & Resignation Dates
  • Current & Previous Appointments

Also included in our reports is the business credit score of the company at the time an Officer has resigned. 

Officer Information

The payment behavior of a business is a strong indicator of their current financial situation. If a company falls behind on its invoices it’s statistically proven to be more likely to become insolvent. 

We created the Creditsafe Trade Payment Program for this reason. To date we have over 7,000 suppliers of trade payment data worldwide and over 63% of all our viewed credit reports contain trade payment data. 

Invoices & Payments
Scores & Limits
Financial Data
Officer Information
Invoices and Payments

Our credit reports feature

We’re always listening to our customers and adding new features to our business credit reports. There are many more features that’ll help protect and grow your business. These include:

Group Structure

View ultimate and parent holding company information including those overseas and any possible linkages

Global Structure

Review over 320 million business credit reports instantly online with the Creditsafe database

Trading Locations

Identify any logistics concerns by knowing the full list of company addresses

Legal Filings

Review a company’s Legal filings such as suits, liens, judgments and bankruptcies

Media Information

Instantly receive notification of media coverage on your key, selected vendors and customers.

Payment Behavior

Examine Trade payment analysis highlighting how a company pays their suppliers and how it compares to their industry

Where does the data come from?

At Creditsafe, we pride ourselves on the data and business intelligence we supply to our customers.

Scoring Model

The data used to create our scores and limits comes from working with official sources such as Government entities and the Court System, and our selected global network of international data partners. To further increase the validity of our data, we include trade payment data from our trusted trade payment data suppliers to give you the most accurate picture of the financial stability of a company.

Monitor companies of interest to your business

With Creditsafe’s Global Monitoring Service you’ll never again miss vital changes to the companies that you do business with. The system is highly adaptable and allows you to customize the alerts you receive to ensure that you’re only getting the most relevant notifications for your business needs.

International Alerts

Change to Company Information

Receive email updates that detail changes to companies that you are doing business with.

Monitor Debtors

Create portfolios of your debtors and receive instant alerts to any changes on that company.


Export your entire portfolio with all updated business information appended. You choose the information that you want to see from 17 different categories. Once you’ve chosen the information that matters the most to you, you can choose how often you receive these updates.

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Frequently asked questions

What is my business credit score?

The Creditsafe scoring model works on a scale of 1-100 and predicts the likelihood that a business’s payment performance will become seriously delinquent, defined as 90-plus days beyond terms within the next 12 months or that the business will go bankrupt.

How is my business credit score calculated?

Your business credit score is calculated using the most sophisticated statistical algorithms available - taking into account over 150 parameters as well as economic and industry factors.

Where do you get your data?

The information in the Creditsafe database is derived from multiple data sources including trade suppliers, demographic suppliers, government entities, court systems, and individual companies. This information is updated periodically throughout the year, from daily to monthlydepending on the data type. All information is verified before hitting our database and feeding the scores and limits that CreditsafeUSA provides our customers. As the information is verified and then loaded into our database, our scores are updated to reflect the new information. All scoresand limits are generated from our proprietary algorithms that are consistently refined based on advances in technology and process improvement.

How often do you update your data?

Creditsafe international database reports are updated in real-time, over 1 million times a day.

Do you offer tiered reports?

No, we believe in providing all the data you need in one comprehensive business credit report to make an informed decision.  

Are your credit reports endorsed by any credit insurers?

The credit limits within our Business Credit Reports are approved by all leading credit insurers. As an approved source, policy holders can use our recommended credit limits and integrate this into their discretionary policy limit or at a level advised by their credit insurance underwriter.