Data Cleaning & Data Enrichment

Clean up your records and enrich your database

Use Creditsafe's Data Cleaning service to clean, de-dupe, normalize and enrich your data

Normalize and clean your CRM with ease using data cleaning software

Maximize the value of your CRM and improve data quality using our data enrichment service

Your outbound sales & marketing efforts are going to be heavily impacted by the data quality in your CRM. Incomplete and inaccurate data is going to lead to poor segmentation, more time spent on admin, and ultimately will yield less rewards.

To combat this, take advantage of Creditssafe's data cleaning software. You can clean up innacurate records, remove duplicates, normalize data and to enrich from over 600 data points.

Research shows that B2B data decays at a rate of over 22% each year

Business data changes all the time. Using Creditsafe's data cleaning service you can update data such as:

Address Details

Company Officers

Financial Details

Company Structure

Credit Information

Legal Filings

Improve your data quality and start seeing better success

Utilize data enrichment and fuel your international growth

Creditsafe Data Cleaning quickly restores the accuracy of your entire database.  Powered by Creditsafe’s real-time international business universe, we use over 120 matching algorithms to match, verify, normalize and to detect duplicates, leaving you with quality data.

Furthermore, you can enrich your data from over 600 data points, increasing the value of the data you already hold. These additional data points can be used for credit control, accounts recievable, marketing segmentation, sales prospecting, and more.

Creditsafe data cleaning is currently available in the following countries:

It's estimated that bad data costs the US $3.1 trillion dollars per year

From invoicing and credit control, to sales and marketing, clean data has a huge impact on your business

Having a single point of truth which is reliable and accurate, enables your business to build robust processes and automations, improving efficiency accross multiple business areas. Standardize your datasets and have more trust in your analytics and reports so your team can make better decisions, together.

Clean and refresh your data in a way that suits you

Creditsafe Data Cleaning is a flexible service that is available via our website, Creditsafe Connect API and Salesforce App


Quickly refresh and enhance the data in your chosen files using our website. Simply upload and match your file, select which fields to append and download your cleansed file. You will also be provided with a database report giving you insights into the data health and profile of your customer base.

Connect API

Integrate with the Connect API to refresh and enhance your data directly within your CRM or ERP system. Chosen company fields can be mapped and refreshed on a frequency of your choice or set to update on demand. We have already integrated with a number of well known software providers such as SAP, NetSuite, Sage, MS Dynamics, and Quick Books.

Salesforce App

Enhance the accuracy and richness of your Salesforce Account records with our purpose built Creditsafe Business Intelligence Plus App. Offering in-app reports, company monitoring and data cleaning, account fields can be enriched and automatically refreshed every 14 days or updated on demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How regularly is Creditsafe data updated?

Creditsafe data is refreshed daily from thousands of trusted sources around the world. Our data undergoes vigorous data processing to ensure its authenticity, uniqueness, and consistent formatting.

Does Creditsafe hold information for each data field on every company?

Whilst our database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, there are instances where we are not able to provide every detail on every company. Data availability varies per region depending on their local registries and legal filing requirements. In some instances, certain fields are specific to the country of origin. If the information is not available for a particular field, then you are not charged for it.

Does Data Cleaning override my current records?

No, we will never override your existing data. Data Cleaning will match our data to your records and provide the desired fields as new additional fields alongside your existing information. 

How to you match my database records to Creditsafe’s records?

Creditsafe’s matching algorithms are designed to match on 14 core data elements. These elements include business names, addresses, postal/zip code, registration numbers among others such as telephone numbers.

Whilst Creditsafe determine a match based on 14 core elements, it is important to note that we use a range of different matching routines, allowing us to match to different permutations of data. This means that overall, we are matching on hundreds if not thousands of different values when evaluating a potential match.