Decision Engine
Decision Engine

Efficiency through automation

Work smarter by automating your existing credit policies and business workflows.

Decision Engine helps you make the right decisions that will help you grow your business.

Decision Engine is designed to help you save time and money by giving you the tools to automate “easy” credit decisions. Our tools help you build appropriate workflows that make for easy yes/no decision, as well as highlight situations that require further scrutiny.

Make split-second decisions on the things that affect your day-to-day operations. By integrating with our market-leading data and decision-making solutions, we can change the way you do business forever.

Powered by our next-generation Connect API platform, Decision Engine can help you save time and money across your company by automating time consuming processes which drain your company’s resources. This can free you and your staff to spend more time to work on achieving your business goals.

Decision Engine

How Decision Engine can help improve your business processes

Improve your business processes: while reducing your costs by automating your decision making processes. By streamlining your processes and reducing human error  we can help increase your profits as you take on more business at a lower level of risk.

Improve productivity

Increase the efficiency of your on-boarding process through automating the decision making process with Creditsafe’s Decision Engine. We build our customers bespoke decision trees that allows them to make automated decisions that changes the way they do business. Allow your staff to focus their efforts where they're really needed. Let Decision Engine carry out the heavy lifting so your staff can focus on those areas that need extra attention.

Reduce costs

By implementing Decision Engine the majority of decisions will be automated, meaning you can focus your staff’s time on the decisions that require extra attention. Through Decision Engine you can reduce the amount of decisions a human has to make by up to 80%. An example of the savings you can expect to make within your credit control department is, if you make 10,000 credit decisions in a year and the typical time it takes to reach a decision is 1 hour, you would save 8,000 man hours per year.

Increase profits

Through automating your on-boarding process, you will have the ability to process business applications instantly. With the development of your bespoke decision tree you will be able to say yes to more applications that meet your strict credit policy. Creditsafe’s Decision Engine allows you to do much more than just qualify more applications. Through the bespoke decision trees developed and by removing the time taken to complete applications you can focus your time on driving strategic business goals and improving the return on your investments.

Consistent policy application

Through the automation of an agreed credit policy you can ensure that there are no errors made during the application process, giving you complete peace of mind that the process is followed each time, every time. Through the deployment of Decision Engine, Creditsafe will work with you to ensure that your credit policy is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Automating decisions based on trusted data

Allow decisions to be made based on Creditsafe's global business database combined with your own data.

Trusted Data

With Creditsafe’s Connect API powering Decision Engine you can be confident that the data being used to make decisions is as up to date and accurate as possible. Through the Connect API, Decision Engine has access to the Creditsafe global business database which consists of over 365 million company records. This company data can then be used to enrich your existing datasets to provide complete peace of mind when automating decisioning.

Build custom decision trees to enhance and simplify your business policies

By combining Desicion Engine with our fastest ever API we can offer over 200 unique data fields to help you build your decision trees.

We will take your existing policies and combine them with this wealth of information to ensure your automated policies are working the best for your business needs. Our aim is to automate as many decisions as possible so you can spend your time focused on the areas that matter most. 

Here is a simple example of the kind of decision trees you can create to automate your buisness polices:

Decision Tree

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