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Trade Exchange Program

Leverage Your Data to Grow

Trade Exchange Program

Share Your Commercial Trade Experiences

By joining our trade payment program, you’ll be putting the correct incentives in place for your customers to pay you on-time as well as provide an opportunity to positively impact their business credit.  

In addition, large organizations will benefit from access to 3D Ledger, our industry-leading tool that gives you comprehensive insights into the financial health of your business partners, while smaller companies often appreciate the finance and contracting opportunities that open up as a company builds out a robust business credit profile. 

Our trade payment information allows us to formulate an accurate picture of a business's payment performance and shows you how they rank against their industry. We are always looking to have more partners join our program and share business risk intelligence. These credit risk data additions help give a true picture of how businesses pay their bills to companies in the real world – not just the big suppliers.

As a trade payment data supplier,  you’ll add to the industry’s most robust and growing universe of commercial trade data. 

Trade Exchange Program

Joining the program will help you:

Gain a greater understanding of the payment behaviors of your customers

Give you better protection for your business against late payers

Identify the customers that pose the most risk to your business

Enhance and improve credit control processes

Incentivize customers to pay on time

Reward your good payers

Be a part of the world's largest business intelligence community

By joining our growing list of trade payment data suppliers - through sharing your trade experiences with us - you’ll benefit from being within the industry’s most robust universe of commercial trade providers. By  confidentially sharing your commercial trade payment experiences with us, we can build an accurate picture of your customers’ payment history. We gather, sort, and process trade payment data to provide a wider and more complete overall picture of a company’s payment record, giving you better information leading to better decisions.

By participating in the Creditsafe Trade Payment Data Program, you’ll increase the knowledge pool with your own credit risk data and help improve trade payment best practice.

When your customers know you’re sharing business risk intelligence with over 100,000 Creditsafe customers around the world, they’ll make sure they’re giving you a great trade payment story to tell us.

Trade Payment Data

Report Late Payers

If a company knows you report your payment data, their ability to obtain credit, bank loans and to purchase on terms will be affected. As a result, they will have a greater incentive to pay you on time.

Reward On-time Payers

More payment data on a credit report can give a company a higher credit score and limit. By reporting on customers who pay on time, you’re helping them build and even improve their credit profile.

Reporting Trade Data every month is easy and we don’t need a special "membership" (aka additional fee) to report customers that are slow and late paying. We feel this is a very important factor in the business world - you shouldn’t have to “pay extra” to let other businesses know what kind of customer they may have applying for credit.

SGS Hardware

Get additional insights on your balance sheet

Joining gives you free access to our portfolio management tool 3D Ledger

Our interactive risk management tool allows you to get incredible insights into the financial health of your accounts by adding our global risk management data to your balance sheet.

Key Features:

  • Analyze payment trends
  • Get credit scores, limits, days beyond terms, legal files and more on each of your accounts

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