Creditsafe Trade Payment Program

Becoming a Creditsafe Trade Payment Member couldn’t be easier and will unlock a range of exclusive tools to help you better understand your customers.

Gain more insight into the companies you do business with

Trade payment data offers insight into previous behavior and this is one of the best ways to predict future activity.

 Without this critical component, credit scoring and the ability to assess the risk involved in extending credit would become much more difficult and restrict many businesses from accessing the credit lines required to ensure their growth. Becoming a Creditsafe Trade Payment Member allows you to harness the powerful insight that assessing trade payment data provides. There is no cost to becoming a member of the program and by joining you will be helping your business, your customers and the wider credit community make better decisions when extending credit.  

Explore what our Program can do for you

Get Paid Faster

As you are sharing your data with the world’s most used credit information provider, your customers will know that prompt payments will help improve their own credit score which in turn will help them secure additional funding and win more contracts.

360 Customer View

Sharing your data with Creditsafe gives us the ability to give you the full picture on the companies that mean the most to you. Adding your tradeline data to your customers reports helps ensure that your customers are able to pay their financial commitments and not being overextended credit by other suppliers. An overextension of credit could lead to you not being paid on time.

Increase Visibility Within the Industry

Contributing to the Creditsafe Trade Payment Program allows the wider credit community to make better decisions. Having a healthier economy gives your business more opportunities to continue its growth.

Advanced Trade Insights

Delve deeper into the companies you do business with by accessing our Advanced Trade Payment Insights. This additional insights allows Creditsafe customers to better understand the payment history of your customers. 

Trade Line Level Data

Review the payment data in non aggregated form. By analyzing this data at trade line level, you can identify any signs of default and take appropriate action in your cash collection strategy.

Industry Drill Downs

By investigating how businesses pay companies within different industries, you can understand their hierarchy of payments and see where your business fits into this payment process.

Historic Trade Data

By reviewing the payment history of a business, you can identify trends and patterns and spot any reoccurring patterns or red flags in advance.

Trade Payment Data
How Trade Payment Works

Invoice Notices

As part of the Creditsafe Trade Payment Program you will get access to a variety of notices that you can add to your invoicing. These notices will inform your customers that you share data with the world’s most used provider of credit reports highlighting the importance of prompt payment. Having the “We Share Trade Payment Data with Creditsafe logo” on your invoices has been proven to reduce the DSO of our participating customers by encouraging their customers to pay more promptly.

Portfolio Insights

The Creditsafe Portfolio Insights give you an overall view of the companies you do business with. On a monthly basis, Creditsafe customers who contribute their data will be delivered an overview analysis of the companies. This overview will deliver the credit score history and Days Beyond Terms (DBT) analysis over the past 12 months. This overview can then be added to your own systems to give you a better understanding of how your customers are performing over time and allows you to understand the credit risk they present.

Portfolio Risk Management

As a Trade Payment Program Member you will also get access to 3D Ledger. 3D Ledger is our interactive risk management tool allows you to get incredible insights into the financial health of your accounts by adding our global risk management data to your balance sheet.

With 3D Ledger you can review your entire portfolio and highlights areas of concern based upon key financial indicators such as days beyond terms (DBT), size of business, age of debt and any delinquent payment behavior. This additional insight allows you to enhance the efficiency of your cash collections teams and help avoid bad debt

Send your data seamless through the systems you know and trust

The best part is your company’s participation can be simple, painless, and automatic. In just a few clicks you can be ready to automatically share all of your customers’ payment history and continue to update information without lifting a finger. We can integrate with over 9,000 software packages including:

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Contribution Requirements

  1. Contributors that report tradelines on themselves are NOT accepted by Creditsafe
  2. Contributors that report “pay for tradelines” are NOT accepted by Creditsafe
  3. Contributions of an entire file monthly (preferred) should be reported (e.g., all current, delinquent, collections, charged-off accounts). When possible 12 months of historical accounts receivable data is requested.
  4. Contributed data must be in accordance with current Creditsafe reporting guidelines