CreditPoint Software

Integrate Creditsafe reports into a full credit risk management solution

Multiply the value of your Creditsafe reports

Automate and streamline the credit review process

Are you wanting more insight from your Creditsafe reports?

Automate the credit process from application to approval with seamless integration of Creditsafe business credit reports into CreditPoint Software’s credit risk management tool. CreditPoint’s risk management platform empowers you to pull credit reports, analyze, measure, and take action on a company’s credit worthiness faster and more consistently.

Creditpoint Software

Integrated credit risk management

Creditsafe USA partnered with CreditPoint Software empowers businesses to be more efficient and eliminate their credit management challenges.


CreditPoint Software enables you to seamlessly integrate Creditsafe’s world class business credit reports into their powerful credit risk management tool. 

CreditPoint Software’s SaaS product offers a complete credit risk workflow, online credit application, configurable scoring models, public company data, and secure electronic storage, all in a single platform. 

What are benefits?

  1. Maximize Efficiency

    Access to Creditsafe reports, coupled with the best public customer data in one platform.

  2. Increase Productivity

    Instant and actionable alerts when financials, ratings and business credit reports change.

  3. Rapid Deployment

    Go live in a matter of hours with no IT resources needed. You can try it for yourself today risk free.