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Use Creditsafe's data to accurately target your ideal customer profile across multiple countries

Use Creditsafe's business data to target your ideal customers

Use business firmographic and financial data to build target lists and to score your prospect pool so reps can close more deals faster

The most commonly searched for question around sales prospecting is "How to find quality prospects".

There are a number of data providers who can supply contact lists and business data, but how do you know if they are going to be good customers?

Wouldn't it be a complete waste of time spending hours upon hours prospecting, selling to, and onboarding a new client only to find out that they don't pay their commitments?

By combining company firmographic data with Creditsafe's financial and credit data, you can build international prospect lists with confidence.

Acquire and enrich your sales & marketing data

Enrich your existing prospect data and build new target lists

Using Creditsafe Prospects, you can build new target lists across a number of European countries, as well as North America.

Build lists based on geography, size of the business, financial data, credit indicators and more.

By combining company data with financial data, you can pre-screen prospects to ensure that your teams don't waste time chasing leads that are likely to ignore your invoices and hurt your cash flow.

Build prospect lists for the following countries:

Take Advantage of Creditsafe's sales & marketing data

Build ideal target lists for your sales and marketing teams and optimize your ABM strategy using business firmographic and financial data. Use Creditsafe's dataverse to build prospect lists across Europe and North America and acquire data from the following categories:

Adverse Legal Filings

SOS Filings

Company Officers

Financial Data

Employee Details

Industry & SIC Codes

Credit Limit

Credit Score

Company Website

Parent & Holding Companies

Trading & Registered Names

Unique Identification Number

Acquire and enrich prospect data your way

Take advantage of Creditsafe's flexible platform and enrich your data in a way that suits you


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Enrich Data

Want to enrich your existing data?

Already have your prospect list and just need to enrich the data so you can develop your ABM strategy and messaging? Is your CRM data quality lacking?

Try Creditsafe's data cleaning software to correct existing data, remove duplicates and append new data points. Clean data from 12 countries and get access to more than 600 data points

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Frequently Asked Questions

How regularly is Creditsafe data updated?

Creditsafe data is refreshed daily from over 9000 sources of global data. Our data undergoes vigorous data processing to ensure its authenticity accuracy, uniqueness, and consistent formatting.

Does Creditsafe hold information for each data field on every company?

Whilst our database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, there are instances where we are not able to provide every detail on every company. Data availability varies per region depending on their local registries and legal filing requirements. In some instances, certain fields are specific to the country of origin. If the information is not available for a particular field, then you are not charged for it.

What is a sales prospect?

A sales prospect is a potential buyer of a businesses products or services. This could be someone who is actively looking for your product or services, it could be someone who may have a future need or it could be someone who doesn't yet know that you have a solution to their problem.

How do I build a prospect list?

You can use Creditsafe's web portal to build a prospect list based on geographical, firmographic, or financial data. Once the list is built you can add exclusions and limitations to leave you with a list of businesses that meet your ideal customer profile.