Debt Recovery

US & International Business Debt Collection and Recovery Services

Let Creditsafe remove the headache of debt collection.

Chasing late payments can be time consuming

Creditsafe is here to help!

Sometimes companies don’t pay their bills. When you’re owed money and they’ve stopped answering your calls, where do you turn?

You can try to collect in-house and legal action is often costly and time consuming. You can hire an outside service - a good but costly solution, write the debt off entirely, or - if you’re a Creditsafe customer - let your subscription do the work for you.

Chasing Debt

How does Commercial Debt Collection work?


Creditsafe USA partners with specially-selected, industry-leading companies in commercial debt collection. We’ve pre-negotiated exclusive discounts for Creditsafe USA customers, and you’ll have a choice of who you would like to work with to recover your debt.

Simply search the Creditsafe system for the company that owes you money, enter the invoice details, and choose the partner you’d like to use. Your chosen partner will then use their wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge to try and collect your invoice for you.

We’ve saved the best part for last. Our specially selected partners work on a no-win/no-fee basis--you won’t pay a dime unless your debt is collected. 

What are the benefits?

No Win No Fee

Minimize costs and only pay if we successfully recover the debt for you.

Hassle Free

Our partners have over 100 years proven experience with debt collection.

International Collections

Through Creditsafe you can recover debts from all around the world.