Integrate Creditsafe Data Directly into your CRM systems
CRM Integrations

Integrate Creditsafe Data directly into your existing CRM applications

Empower your business with accurate business data

Seamlessly integrate over 365 million company records into your CRM

Integrate Creditsafe data into your CRM

With Creditsafe's CRM integrations you can seamlessly integrate trusted credit, financial and contact data directly into your existing applications. By integrating Creditsafe data you can import, append and update company, contact and credit information instantly. Through the integrations available you can view real time credit and financial information in a single view, thus negating the need to view multiple systems.

What can I do with the Creditsafe CRM integrations?

Automate credit and lending decisions

Append credit ratings and limits

Enhance customer & prospect data

Verify business addresses and decision makers details

We integrate nicely with the systems you already use and love.

We integrate with Salesforce
We integrate with Sage50 and Sage200
We integrate with SugarCRM
We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics
We integrate with SAP
We integrate with High Radius

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