Business Principal Reports

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Business Principal Reports

With Business Principal Reports, we’ve made it downright simple to pull a personal credit report on a principal of a business from directly within the Creditsafe interface. For those companies you want to work with, but their business credit file is too sparse, this tool makes it easy to leverage their personal credit in your commercial credit decision.

Business Principal

Get answers to key questions like:

How well does the owner of this company manage his personal credit?

Are there any red flags on the business owner’s personal credit report?

Do I need to make sure to offer terms like cash only or can I be more lenient?

Business Principal Reports provide you with a full consumer credit report on a principal of the business (typically the owner). It is considered a “soft-pull” on their report and does not impact their personal credit score.

Key Industries

This product is most commonly used by medium to large companies who onboard dozens (or more) micro-businesses each month. Common industries include logistics, manufacturing and retail. 

Logistics companies who work with independent trucking companies

Manufacturing companies who work with a variety of suppliers

Retail companies who work with small & micro-businesses

Creditsafe is very much worth the yearly investment for us. As a small business, it is imperative to be able to continually check in on the credit status of your open accounts. As the AR Manager who wears many different hats, Creditsafe puts the information as an easy-to-access and understand report and alert. I plan on renewing year after year.

BAI Distributors Inc.

Product Restrictions

  • Approval into this program will include a on-site visit to your office for compliance purposes
  • The business principal must agree to have their personal credit pulled in advance and we recommend incorporating this into your credit application
  • Other restrictions may apply

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