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Creditsafe’s database of over  430 million public and private businesses worldwide includes insight and access to company financials, officers and shareholder details, group structures and ownership, as well as official local registry data. Tap into our database for information for analysis, master data management, and to enhance new and existing products. 

Find pertinent company information with the Creditsafe database

Credit and Financial Risk Analysis

Our globally comparable financial strength metrics and standardized financials provide insight into your customers, suppliers, and prospects across the globe. Quicky and easily assess financial stability across groups with our corporate structures.

Compliance and Financial Crime Prevention

Creditsafe utilizes real-time data from globally recognized sanctions and enforcement watch lists, the largest Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) database, and adverse media news sources contributing to a database of profiles that have been linked to illicit activities so you can effectively manage your compliance obligations while streamlining workflows and helping your business to grow.

Supplier Risk Management

Mitigate supply chain disruption by finding new primary and secondary suppliers and assess existing suppliers for both financial and reputational risk.

Sales and Marketing Database Building

Maximize sales revenue and discover valuable opportunities faster with detailed company profiles for each prospect. Our database allows you to better understand your prospects, minimize credit notes, and maximize your sales potential with intelligent targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Master Data Management

Access our reference data for your data management projects. Our matching algorithms use multiple matching routines to accurately identify and match companies across separate databases, remove duplicate datasets, and establish a single source of truth and stronger cross-department collaboration.

The most comprehensive global company database

Our global company index is made up of data from over 200 sources including trusted local partners, official registries, real-time payment experiences, and shared company ledgers. We organize, standardize, and enrich this huge amount of data into digestible and actionable insights.

Unique identifiers

Official company registration numbers

Industry codes and descriptions

Detailed company descriptions

Standardized financials

Financial strength metrics

Creditsafe scores and limits

Official company documents

Gloabl PEPs and sanctions

Adverse news screening

Ultimate Beneficial owners

Global and domestic ultimate owners

Corporate structures

Directors, Shareholders and managers

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) deals

Take advantage of our financial strength models

Use our financial models to gain transparent, independent views and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength. With these financial strength metrics, you’ll have the ability to assess businesses more accurately and effectively. Take it a step further by using this data to benchmark your own financial models.

Trusted Credit Scores and Recommended Credit Limits

Our trusted credit scores and credit limits are endorsed by every major credit insurer.

Custom Credit Scoring and Decision Modeling

Allow us to develop custom scoring models and predictive scorecards that combine data from multiple sources.

Bulk Company Financial Data

Our enormous database allows us to provide access to historic financial data for companies going back as far as 10 years.

The Creditsafe Connect API provides you with access to data on 430 million companies globally. We can also provide you with bulk company data for companies in the following countries:

    United Kingdom
    United States

Leverage our Corporate Bulk Data to accelerate growth in your business.

Our Bulk Data File is available in multiple formats and comes with detailed documentation.