Company data API Connect

Integrate company data & compliance data directly into your CRM & ERP workflows via the Creditsafe API: Connect.

The Connect API integrates risk, financial and company data into the applications and software you use. Request a free test interface today and discover why Connect is the strongest, fastest & easiest to use API in the data information business.

A single & seamless API for your entire business

A state of the art integration for your credit & risk, onboarding, compliance customer due diligence, data management, sales & marketing business workflows and decisions - as easy as 1-2-3

A single and seamless company data API for your entire business

True business intelligence at the core of your organisation to empower your business

Combine, enrich and optimize all key data areas of your business with Creditsafe's fastest and most seamless integration. The Connect API gives you real-time access worldwide to detailed company data, trade payment data, director information, compliance data and much more. The Connect API integrates seamlessly with any CRM or ERP system, giving your business access to global company data, insights and technology you need to drive customer centricity, efficient risk management and close cross-departmental collaboration. 

Build powerful new functionalities and introduce automated workflows and business decisions with the integration of company profiles, director information and our direct connection with the LexisNexis Worldwide Compliance Data.

Our Connect technology enables companies worldwide to realise new insights, improve the customer experience and achieve stronger and sustainable growth.

We deliver and integrate the data you need for your business requirements and solutions.

Empower your organisation with real-time data delivered through a single API

Accelerate your digital transformation with one API for all your business processes and workflows from prospecting to a streamlined customer onboarding; from active business monitoring to intelligent data-automated business decision making.

Whether you are a developer, data engineer or architect, the Connect API is easy to use and straightforward to get started right away.  Get direct access to global company data, business intelligence, director information, corporate financial data, compliance (AML & CDD) data, PEP and sanctions listing data, all through one streamlined API.

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Company data

Data endpoints for global company data, directors and shareholders, corporate finance and linked companies.

International Monitoring Service

Data endpoints to monitor changes in the business information within your customer and supplier portfolios, of which you would like to be notified.

KYC Checks

Conduct a full anti-money laundering (AML) investigation of individuals and companies in a fast and easy process.

PEP & Sanction Screenings

Conduct a quick and easy background check (= PEP and sanction check) on any director or organisation.

Data Decision Model Automation

Data endpoints to provide access to personalised configured decision trees to automate credit and risk decisions.

Official filed publications & documents

Data endpoint for access to official documents of a.o. the National Bank and the Official Gazette.

Fresh credit report investigations

Data endpoint to request a new investigation whenever a credit report is not available or is not up to date.

Streamline your workflows

Optimise your cashflow & minimise your credit risks

Real Time Risk Monitoring

Streamline you Customer Due Diligence and the onboarding process

Accelerate your sales potential

99.9% of the data in immediately accessible

Incorrect or outdated customer data is a potential risk for credit decisions and invoicing errors. With the Connect API, you can make informed decisions based on real-time company data by connecting to the correct company information, credit scores, and credit limits.

By adding credit scores and limits to your credit management, you increase the accuracy and speed of making (automated) credit decisions. Our scores are updated daily to provide a high level of accuracy and probability of insolvency and bad debt.

Monitor businesses across Europe, North America & Asia

Changes in the company data of your customers and suppliers constitute either new risks or new opportunities for your company. Therefore it is important that these are identified early, so that you can act when it matters most.

Our company data is refreshed 5 million times a day. By using the API, you are thus notified in real time of the changes you consider important. The Creditsafe Monitoring service via the API helps you to stay on top of these changes, without having to manually check the report or the data of each company separately. 

Our Company Risk Data is refreshed daily from over 9.000 sources

Create a streamlined onboarding workflow that increases customer satisfaction while supporting your regulatory due diligence. Access compliance information from LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data via the Connect API to deter financial crime and fraud and accelerate customer setup. 

360° Risk insights
By combining Creditsafe business information and the LexisNexis WorldCompliance Data, customer databases can be easily managed, monitored, maintained and rescreened. Automatically populate and refresh contact and company information to prevent data expiry, while also maintaining your due diligence (or KYC procedure) by checking against global PEP and Sanction databases, adverse media and enforcement data records

Maximise your sales profits and discover valuable sales opportunities faster with detailed company profiles

Connect API gives you hundreds of additional data fields to provide your sales team with key information. 

Minimise credit notes by 'targeting' companies that are creditworthy. Provide your sales team with sales intelligence data, such as insight into group structures and industries, so they can initiate quality conversations. Finally, maximise the sales potential by targeting the filed directors within the organisation.

Optimise your cashflow & minimise your credit risks
Real Time Risk Monitoring
Streamline you Customer Due Diligence and the onboarding process
Accelerate your sales potential