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With a combined experience of 150 years, we join international data and local intelligence.

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On 28th February 2022, Creditsafe Nederland B.V. acquired Graydon Holding N.V. (Graydon Belgium nv included) from Atradius. With Creditsafe as an international data supplier and Graydon, which specialised more as a data supplier for the Belgian market the best of both is brought together. GraydonCreditsafe combines Creditsafe's expertise and international coverage with Graydon's local market knowledge.

Together is better

To strengthen the financial stability of our customers.

As GraydonCreditsafe we ​​join forces: we bring data, solutions and knowledge together. With a combined history spanning more than 150 years, we now provide an integrated business intelligence offering to enhance the long-term growth and financial stability of our customers.

Together we have a clear vision for the future: with a combined international offering and expertise in the Belgian market, we join international data and local intelligence. GraydonCreditsafe is part of the Creditsafe Group, the most widely used provider of credit information with 110,000 customers worldwide.


Bringing both brands together under one common flag.

In the coming months, the market and our customers will increasingly benefit from the combination of Graydon and Creditsafe. To start with, of course, thanks to the additional data that is collectively available, such as even more payment experiences and international business connections, but also through the continuous introduction of new services.

You will also notice, in the coming months, that we will increasingly present ourselves together under the new trade name GraydonCreditsafe. This will be visible on our websites, our customer portals (Graydon Insights and Creditsafe Information Portal), on social media and in our emails. However, both companies are still independent entities.

Trusted by more than 110,000 companies worldwide.

Why do companies choose GraydonCreditsafe?

A combined expertise of 150+ years

Local market knowledge and analytical services

International coverage in 160+ countries

Access to 365 million business intelligence reports

Overview in unique global corporate structures

Access to local and international compliance and UBO data

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GraydonCreditsafe mean for you as a customer?

Are Graydon and Creditsafe now one company?

Graydon Belgium nv and Creditsafe Belgium nv are two different legal entities. Graydon Belgium nv has been part of the Creditsafe Group since February 28, 2022.

I have access to Graydon Insights. Can I also access the Creditsafe Information Portal?

As a Graydon customer, you can indeed switch to the extensive Creditsafe Information Portal. Please contact your account manager for the possibilities.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

For any questions, please contact your account manager. If you are not yet a customer, please contact us via this form.

What will change for my contract with Graydon?

Graydon and Creditsafe are independent entities with their own contracts.

Do I keep my account manager?

You will keep your usual account manager.

What are the changes to the contract I have with Creditsafe?

 Creditsafe and Graydon are independent entities with their own contracts.

Who is the Creditsafe Group??

Read here all you need to know about the Creditsafe Group.


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