The Business Intelligence Plus app for Salesforce

Enhance and enrich your Salesforce CRM with actionable commercial company data and information

A single app that populates the lead and account records in your Salesforce CRM with complete real-time financial, risk and firmographic company data.

Data is continuously subject to change

A polluted database can quickly cost thousands of euros per year

30% to 40% of the data in your database leads to increased operational costs and reduced profitability.

When Salesforce contains incorrect or outdated customer data, it negatively affects the way your departments work together and the desired commercial results are not achieved. Correcting it manually is time-consuming and can slow down decision-making.

Ultimately, a CRM system is a significant investment, and populating it with high-quality business data will drive usage among your teams, reduce operational costs, increase profitability, and add value to your organisation. 

Business Intelligence Plus connects Salesforce users to Creditsafe's international business profile database with over 365 million business reports; ensuring your lead and account records are reliable and accurate. 

Business Intelligence App Overview Dashboard & Matching Rate

No more manual work

Minimise manual data input to increase the accuracy and to save time

Real time Information

Enhance and refresh the records in your database with real time data


Receive daily alerts on the business changes you value

Data deduplication

Identify and remove duplicate records in all simplicity

A single app for your organisation

By providing deeper customer insights, so teams can target the right customers, create a smooth onboarding process and make informed credit decisions.

Increase your sales results

Enhance your marketing ROI

Minimise Credit Risk

Data cleaning and maintenance

Business Intelligence plus provides sales leaders and sales teams with comprehensive company profiles, including a company's industry sector, company size, turnover, group structure information, director information, credit risk indication, credit limits and much more.

With a clear and completely accurate overview of each company, leads can be better qualified, sales potential can be increased and you can ensure that sales people focus on companies that can effectively pay.

Pre-qualify leads based on their affordability and insight

Improve and accelerate your account target planning strategy

Refresh lead and account data with a click of a button

By combining your existing lead and account data with Creditsafe's firmographic and financial company information, Business Intelligence Plus improves your marketing opportunities by segmenting your national and international target groups, better defining your customers' needs and generating more personalized campaign communications. 

Creditsafe data fields can also be used in your reporting and analysis, allowing you to develop and discover new customer profiles, trends and insights in your database.

Improve target group segmentation with new and up-to-date profile data

Add new company data and information elements to marketing automation workflows

Build new and improve the criteria in your reporting and analysis with broader insights

Business Intelligence Plus helps consolidate the bridge between sales and finance, without compromising the organisation's vision and strategy. You can rest assured that the best commercial decisions are being made for the business to thrive.  

Every account and lead is populated with Creditsafe's highly predictive credit risk scores, recommended credit limits and key financial performance metrics, enabling your sales team to pre-qualify their opportunities and to ensure each customer meets the company's credit policy even before the first connections are made. 

Credit scores are immediately displayed for all account and lead records

Receive daily alerts that are important to you about changes in the credit risk information of your accounts, even if they are positive.

Access to a complete and comprehensive in-app company credit report or PDF download

By matching your records with the Creditsafe database, the app provides a single source and flow of accurate and up to date financial and firmographic business information into your Salesforce database. 

Once matched, records are enriched with over 30 commonly formatted data points, including our unique company IDs. By minimising any missing data, improving data accuracy and flagging duplicate records, the app helps streamline for automation and digital transformation of your business workflows. 

Easily identify, delete and prevent duplicate reports

Improving the completeness and accuracy of business administration and company records

Automatic refresh of enriched data every 14 days

Increase your sales results
Enhance your marketing ROI
Minimise Credit Risk
Data cleaning and maintenance

Boost and optimise your organisation by improving your greatest asset: data

Business Intelligence Plus connects you with Creditsafe's real-time database of over 365 million business reports in over 160 countries.

Key financial indicators

Number of employees

Group Structures and linkages

Unique Company ID number

Industry and activity

Credit Risk Indicator

Credit Limit

Official invoicing details

Published websites

Company Status

Contact Details

Company director information

Keep your data clean and fresh all the time

Connect your accounts and leads with Creditsafe for accurate data at any point in your customer journey.

Databases age or mutate quickly, which eventually leads to a polluted database.

To give you an idea of your database. Every year, on average 10% of companies change their address, about 9% of organisations undergo a change of directors, 10% of databases contain duplicates, more than 10.000 companies go bankrupt and there are always companies that stop, merge or are dissolved. Therefore, your database requires an ongoing maintenance. 

Keep your data fresh automatically


Match your account and lead records to Creditsafe's international database of 430 million business profiles.


Automatically enrich your records with over 30 verified firmographic and financial fields.


Keep records up-to-date with a scheduled data refresh for companies across 17 countries every 14 days.


Monitor positive and negative company changes for your leads and accounts in 44 countries.

The advantages of a clean and fresh database

Improved data quality

A clean, up-to-date and rich database means that the information relevant to your organisation about your customers, suppliers and prospects remains top notch.

No more manual work

If there are changes in the company data, such as changes of address, these are automatically updated.


A single data flow across your entire customer, supplier and prospect database ensures that everything remains streamlined without any additional error messages.

Reduced operational costs

No more duplicate accounts or leads and no more duplicate invoices. 1 automatic streamlined data flow so you can focus on what really counts and what really needs to be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Salesforce editions is Business Intelligence Plus compatible with?

Business Intelligence Plus is available for Salesforce editions with API access. This includes both Enterprise and Unlimited. 

Salesforce Professional does not come with API access as standard, however, this can be purchased as an upgrade through Salesforce.

Where does Creditsafe gather its data from?

Creditsafe data is gathered from more than 9,000 sources and updated over 5 million times per day from official registries, local publications, debt collection agencies, trade payment partners and many other trusted sources. 

To guarantee delivery of only the highest quality of business information, our data undergoes vigorous data processing to ensure its authenticity, uniqueness, and consistent formatting.

Does the app replace the existing data in my Salesforce records?

You have complete control over which fields Creditsafe data is mapped into. It is possible to choose existing fields within your lead and account records, however these may contain existing data that would be overwritten. To avoid overwriting existing data you can create new fields within your records to enrich with Creditsafe data.

What countries does Creditsafe international data cover?

Creditsafe holds data on companies across more than 160 countries worldwide. You can find further information about our coverage on our dedicated webpage with a detailed breakdown of the international credit reports by country here.