Company monitoring

Receive daily alerts on company information changes that could affect your organisation

Track any changes in your customers and suppliers portfolio with real-time company monitoring

Maximise protection of your credit and risk management through company monitoring by getting automatic alerts in your mailbox

A company's credit report can change up to 3 times a year on average. Therefore, being informed of crucial changes is a must!

With Creditsafe's International Company Monitoring, you will never have unpleasant surprises about the business relationships that have an impact on your company.

By using this solution efficiently, you can monitor your business relations (like your customers and suppliers) without having to check their credit report regularly. 

If there are changes in the financial company information or changes to the credit report, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us, notifying you of the change and providing a direct link to the credit report. 

If there are any changes in the financial company information or changes to the credit report, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us

Thanks to this smart, efficient and simple solution for your credit and risk management, you will not only save time, but you will also see the warning signals in time and be able to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner.

View critical business changes tailored to your credit and risk needs

Analyse individual portfolios in your dashboard over the selected timeframe

The following company data elements (which are also present in the financial business information of our credit reports) are used in particular by our customers, to monitor their portfolios:

Analyse individual portfolios in your company monitoring dashboard over the selected timeframe
  • Credit score changes
  • Credit limit changes
  • New annual accounts
  • Financial data changes
  • Company name changes
  • Address changes
  • Phone number changes
  • Bankruptcy data
  • Change in number of employees
  • Reorganisations and Mergers
  • Liquidations and WCO/LCE
  • Activity changes
  • Inactivity
  • Change of ultimate holding company

Monitor the credit score and other financial company information across 44 countries.

Receive real-time monitoring alerts from your national and international business relations

Evaluate entire portfolios or individual companies

Comprehensive monitoring features to support your risk and credit management by maximising commercial opportunities and reducing credit risk exposure.

Company information changes

Receive important updates by e-mail. Keep an eye on your customers, suppliers, prospects and competitors and react when necessary


You will be notified of any change that is of interest to you. Based on this change (positive or negative), you can react appropriately.

Bespoke monitoring

Choose which alerts you wish to receive per portfolio. Depending on the risk profile of the portfolio, you can adjust this yourself to suit your needs

Portfolio Analysis

Analysing company data has never been easier. Compare different business relationships in various segments, so you can quickly identify your credit risks

Portfolio updates

Examine the changes of each portfolio in the desired period and see how many changes have occurred.

Commercial opportunities

By monitoring financial indicators, you also receive notifications of positive changes. This can lead to new commercial perspectives!


Add your competitors to a portfolio and receive updates on changes in their credit reports as and when they occur.


Export your entire portfolio with the attached financial company information data elements, according to your criteria.

Would you like to be automatically notified of essential changes within your customer and supplier portfolios?

Using the link below, you can try out the full look & feel and the added value of our international monitoring

Frequently asked questions

How can I monitor a company?

The Creditsafe International Monitoring tool is linked to our credit reports. 

When you check a company credit report, you get the possibility to add the company to your standard portfolio, or to create a new portfolio.

If you want to monitor a whole list of companies, you can upload a bulk list of companies and add them to the monitoring tool. 

How do I receive alerts about companies I monitor?

Company monitoring alerts are sent by e-mail as soon as a change occurs. You can also configure the monitoring to schedule daily, weekly or monthly exports. 

Integrated customers can use our API to obtain the alerts in their data integration environment and/or set it up to receive them by email as well. 

How many different portfolios can I create?

You can create portfolios on an unrestricted basis. On the Portfolio tab you can manage all your existing lists and create new ones. 

Can I schedule exports for companies I monitor?

Depending on the contract you have with Creditsafe, exports can be scheduled to be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.  You can export all companies in your list, as well as the most recent changes. 

Exports can be enhanced with company data (such as credit score and limits), based on your needs.