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Creditsafe is the most used supplier of credit reports & business information worldwide

430 million online credit reports across 200 countries, with local support of Creditsafe in 25 offices across 14 countries

With 25 offices across 14 countries, Creditsafe offers a truly global solution for your risk and credit management. 

Offering company credit reports & information on more than 430 million companies across 200 countries worldwide, Creditsafe provides the most accurate and up-to-date company information available in an easy-to-use and uniform format for companies of all sizes.

Our ongoing investment in the creation and innovation of the world's most predictive credit score cards ensures that our customers know and understand the potential credit risks they could face. With this credit scoring model, we are able to predict 81% of bankruptcies 12 months before they occur in Belgium and an average of 70% on an international scale.

All major credit insurance companies endorse Creditsafe, which means that our credit scores and credit limits are among the most reliable in the industry. 

More than 430 million credit reports available instantly and online across the globe

99.9% of the credit reports requested are obtained instantly and online

Our uniform international credit score enables you to credit check and compare companies from country to country

Download our international company data guide or check out the region-specific presentation

A standardised international company credit score

A company credit scoring model that makes cross-border comparisons as simple as A B C.

The uniform standardized company credit score from Creditsafe allows you to compare companies in different countries.

To make it easier for you when doing business internationally, all of the Creditsafe credit reports have a uniform international credit score. This allows you to compare credit scores (and the solvency) of companies around the world. By using the same score bandwidth and risk descriptions for all countries, we simplify the comparison of credit reports even further for you.

Our international credit score is set up in a simple way and ranges from a credit score A to E. Companies with an A-score represent the lowest credit risk, D is the highest credit risk and where an E-score cannot be assessed, because there is insufficient or outdated (financial) company data.

The Creditsafe company credit score measures the probability that a company will become insolvent or go bankrupt in the next twelve months. 

An international coverage with company information at local level

Assess commercial opportunities and credit risks in detail with a wide range of functionalities in each credit report.

Company identification data

Financial data elements of the company

Shareholder & director information

International corporate hierarchy, structure & relationships

Company risk profile

Payment transactions and behaviour

Monitor your international credit risks

Receive e-mail alerts when something changes in your (inter)national customer and supplier portfolios.

Thanks to Creditsafe's international monitoring solution, you will never miss the essential changes of the companies you do business with. Our monitoring service is very flexible, enabling you to determine which changes in the company data you want to be informed about, that are relevant to you and your organisation.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that you have acted with safety and confidence when dealing with existing customers, as well as with new business relations. With our international monitoring service, we make this possible for you. 

Receive an e-mail alert whenever there is a change in a company's financial information. Creditsafe's international monitoring allows you to monitor customers, suppliers and other business relations in over 30 countries. Some examples of possible alerts that you can automatically receive by email:

  • Credit score changes
  • Credit limit changes
  • New annual accounts available
  • Changes in company status
  • Court judgements and other legal information
  • Director changes
  • Address changes
  • Any media mentions

A freshly investigated credit report can be issued at any time whenever you need one.

Wherever, whenever and whoever you do business with, we make sure you always have the most accurate company information available.

A freshly investigated credit report can be issued at any time whenever you need one.

The company information for an international credit report is collected in various ways through our network of local offices and carefully selected partners. Wherever possible, we collect company information directly from official sources such as national banks, government corporate institutions and so on.

99.9% of all credit reports requested by our clients are immediately available online. However, it is not always possible to provide real-time business information on every company in the world and, unlike many of our competitors, we do not store outdated credit reports. 

Therefore, if a credit report is not immediately available online, we will re-examine the company with the help of our local partners in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information. It is our duty to provide you with company information that you can trust. On average, new investigations are delivered digitally between 2 and 10 days.

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Frequently asked questions

What does an international credit report contain?

Our international credit reports contain the most complete business information such as credit score and limits, financial company data, payment transactions and directors.

Most of the other countries are not like Belgium, where company information is extremely transparent. Therefore, we endeavor to gather the necessary company information from other local sources and the company data availability may also vary from country to country, depending on the publication requirements.

How does a new (=fresh) investigation work?

If a company credit report is not available to be viewed online, you have the option of submitting a new enquiry. Once we receive this request, we make every effort to obtain new company information.

We try to contact the company directly through our network of local partners and official registries to deliver a detailed 'fresh' credit report within 2-10 working days.

Why is the international credit score from A to E used instead of 1 to 100?

Because every country has its own credit scorecard. The international and uniform credit score from A to E makes it easier to compare companies from different countries.

Companies with an A-score represent the lowest risk, D is the highest risk and where an E-score cannot be assessed. 

With our international scoring models, we are able to predict, on average, 70% of international business failures 12 months before the company becomes insolvent.

How often is Creditsafe company and director data updated?

The Creditsafe international database is updated in real time, more than 1 million times a day, on an automated basis. When new company and director information is published, it is automatically processed in our credit reports.