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Creditsafe credit reports are the most complete business information reports in the industry

Credit scores & credit limits

Financial company data

Director information

Invoices and (late) payments

Analysing a company's financial risk information and its indicators are the core of what we do at Creditsafe.

Our credit scorecards are one of the most predictive scorecards in the industry, approved by the leading credit insurers. Our leading credit scoring system includes key statistics and the most advanced statistical techniques to help determine the financial stability of a company.

With this credit scoring model, we succeed in predicting 81% of bankruptcies 12 months before the company becomes insolvent in Belgium and 70% for international companies.

Take well-informed business decisions with the help of our reliable company financial data

ur leading credit scoring system includes key statistics and the most advanced statistical techniques to help determine the financial stability of a company.

All known key financial data of companies is represented in our credit reports

The financial company data in our credit reports can also be used for possible mergers or acquisitions, tenders or even if you want an in-depth analysis of a particular company you are about to do business with.

That is why it is essential that our credit reports are as complete as possible. For example, you will always find the annual accounts of the past 10 years. The following financial data can always be found in our reports (if published):

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet data
  • Capital and reserves
  • Key ratios
  • Cashflow, liquidity & working capital
The following financial data can always be found in our reports:  profit and loss, balance sheet data, capital and reserves, key ratios such as cash flow, liquidity & working capital.

Know who you are doing business with!

Checking a company director is as important as conducting a credit check, as they set the policy of the company. Did you know, for example, that 1 in 4 directors once held a mandate with a company that is no longer active? Or that 1 in 3 directors have a mandate with another organisation? 

By viewing and analysing this information, you can gain an even better insight into the people behind the company. You will always find the following information:

  • Full name and work address
  • Country of residence
  • Appointment and departure dates
  • Current and previous mandates
Know who you are doing business with! Checking a company director is as important as conducting a credit check.

If a company falls behind on paying its invoices, it is statistically proven that the company is at greater risk of becoming bankrupt.

That is why we have created the "Creditsafe Trade Payment Programme". 

By analysing payment information from an average of 297 million invoices per year, our payment data programme provides a reliable picture of how companies around the world pay their invoices.

63% of all our viewed credit reports have (open) invoice and payment data. This gives you a more up-to-date insight into the payment behaviour of companies to other suppliers.

If a company falls behind on paying its invoices, it is statistically proven that the company is at greater risk of becoming bankrupt.
Credit scores & credit limits
Financial company data
Director information
Invoices and (late) payments

Which company data components can be found in the Creditsafe credit reports?

Credit score & limit

By reviewing our credit scores and limits you can immediately see whether your potential business relations represent a credit risk to you.

Juridical and legal information

Court-ordered bankruptcy? Judicial reorganisation? NSSO summons? All the information is displayed in our company credit reports.

Financial company data of the past 10 years

All annual accounts filed and published by companies are shown in our credit reports on both a uniform and an accounting visualisation. Creditsafe also allows you to analyze and evaluate the different ratios and graphs, as well as the financial decisiveness of companies.

Company business information and indication

The complete company information is also included in our credit reports, so that you have a clear view of the accuracy of the company data, such as: the official address (and billing address?), legal form, company number, VAT number, website addresses, telephone numbers, commercial names and so on.

Payment data and behaviour

Our payment experiences, which we collect and process, are incorporated into the Creditsafe credit reports in order to give our customers insight into the payment behaviour of companies. Such indications will further help you to support your credit management with payment insights.

Director information and reports

Through the credit reports from Creditsafe, you can easily find out who the current and previous directors are at the company, as well as its current and historical mandates. You can also easily find out where they still have mandates and check if any failures are displayed on their behalf.

Official publications with the official authorities

In our credit reports you always have the option of clicking through to official company publications such as Articles of Association, Gazette publications and other related documentation

Group structures and linked companies

Get an analysed view of the parent company, the subsidiaries, the ultimate holding company, branches and companies linked to your business relationship, with instant click-through possibilities.

International company data insights

If there are companies in other countries connected to your business relations, this will be shown and you can also consult these company reports instantly. Our international, uniform credit score allows you to compare countries against each other.

International monitoring Features

With one push of a button, you can have companies monitored automatically, nationally and internationally. This way, you are notified of the slightest change in the (financial) business information of your business relations and you can analyse complete portfolios in order to make the right decisions.

The most popular ways to access our credit reports

Online Access

Through your user account, you can instantly access more than 365 million reports, covering more than 160 countries, by simply logging in with your unique user name and password. Every 10 seconds, 110 credit reports are consulted by our customers.

Index Files

Get scheduled exports of comprehensive data sets, according to your needs and wishes, on European companies. You can even choose from our modularised data sets, such as marketing or accounting data sets, so that you only pay for the business data you need.

API Connect

Easily link our company data with your internal systems. Integrate hundreds of data fields with your CRM or ERP system through a single API. Start automating company data with real-time information in order to increase your productivity, reduce operational costs and to start optimising your policy applications, workflows and business decisions.

Bespoke Data

Of course, you can opt for a fully customised approach. With our personalised data service, you can create truly customised data lists of your chosen companies, regions or industries, with an extensive list of data fields to choose from.

Need international company data and insights?

430 million online credit reports across 200 countries, with local support of Creditsafe with 25 offices in 14 countries

Our own database of business credit reports is the largest in the world, giving you exceptional coverage of business credit risk information on prospects, new & existing customers, suppliers and competitors.

Creditsafe's instant international credit reports cover companies in over 160 countries, meaning that 99.9% of requested business credit reports are instantly available. For all other international report requests, we will provide a freshly researched report for guaranteed, up-to-date and reliable information between 2 and 10 days delivered.. 

Thanks to our uniform credit score, you can easily compare credit risks per country, allowing you to do simplified assessments.

Monitor the companies that can influence your organisation

Be automatically notified of the slightest changes in your customer and supplier portfolios

Thanks to the Creditsafe International Monitoring service, you will never miss the essential changes of the companies you do business with. Our monitoring service is very flexible, so you can decide which company data changes you would like to be informed about, that matter to you and your organization.

Upload customers, suppliers, prospects and competitors from over 30 countries worldwide to an unlimited number of portfolios. Customise which notifications you receive, Analyse the data, view the history of events and the distribution of risk bands per portfolio. Creditsafe gives you the possibility to export the company data in your portfolios on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to simplify your risk and credit management. 

A change in the business information

If your customers switch addresses, you like to be informed, don't you? Receive automatic e-mail alerts when something changes in the business information of your business relations.

Monitor your debtors

Create portfolios of your debtors and receive alerts for any changes on that company within that portfolio. If a debtor receives a NSSO summons or their credit score changes, we will be sure to send you an alert.

Where does our company data come from?

Our mission is to provide you with the most accurate insights possible regarding a company's financial stability and decisiveness.

The company data used to draw up our credit reports are, of course, sourced from official institutions such as the National Bank, Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), Government Gazettes, etc. We also use our strictly selected network of international data partners all over the world.

To further optimise the validity of our financial business data, we also have the necessary payment experience from our trusted payment transaction providers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Creditsafe credit score?

The Creditsafe credit score calculates the probability of a company becoming insolvent in the next 12 months.

We highlight the solvency through our "traffic light" system, using a credit check. This system divides the creditworthiness into different levels. For example, a red colour indicates that caution is advised. In case of a red colour, shorter payment terms and/or cash payment may even be recommended. The opposite is logically the green colour, which gives you a positive "impression" (credit rating).

The Creditsafe credit reports have a national and a uniform, international credit rating score.

Are our credit reports approved by credit insurance companies?

The credit limits included in our reports can be used and approved by most leading credit insurers.

Therefore, insurers can use our recommended credit limits and even integrate them into their discretionary policy limits or at a level advised by the credit insurer. 

It is up to each company to discuss this with its credit insurer.

How is the credit score calculated?

The company score is calculated using the most advanced statistical algorithms available. It takes into account more than 150 parameters, including economic and industrial factors.

How often is the Creditsafe company data updated?

The Creditsafe international database reports are updated in real-time, more than 1 million times a day.