Scoring & Analytics

Use prediction models and easy-to-interpret scores to work more efficiently and build a thriving future.

Collecting correct data is just the start. It is the unique insights you derive from the analytics that make the strategic difference.

Indispensable insights to draw out a successful strategy for your business.

GraydonCreditsafe delivers innovative insights to companies in a wide variety of sectors. The relevant financial, economic, and commercial information gives organisations guidance to make the right strategic decisions.


After all, the world of business intelligence has long since moved beyond credit reports and determining creditworthiness. It is not science fiction, but more data, better technology and sophisticated algorithms make it possible, today, to predict anything. More and more companies and government agencies believe in modern prediction models, which should ultimately benefit our economy.

To collect relevant data, combine it, analyse it, and then turn it into valuable insights in the form of easily interpretable scores

For concrete guidance for quick and targeted action

Scores extensively tested and tested against reality

With 'the chance that ...', you can fill in the rest yourself, today, almost everything can be predicted

Data scientists who think along with you, to design customised scores

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Shock resistance


Criminal fraud is a form of scam involving the theft of valuable and easily traded assets. It is a problem that continues to plague our society and even shows a rising curve. The damage in the business world, both in large and small companies and in many sectors, is increasing every year. Fraudulent companies, however, display characteristics and behaviours that are recurrent. Fraud Prevent & Detect brings together these suspicious symptoms, allowing you to immediately detect which companies are at increased risk of fraud and require more thorough investigation.

Since March 2020, several economic shocks have succeeded each other. There were local shocks such as floods, droughts and cyber-attacks. But everyone also remembers the impact of COVID-19, supply problems, more expensive raw materials, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, increased energy prices, inflation, wage indexation, ... The Shock Resistance Score indicates the extent to which a company has sufficient reserves - on top of the cost of normal operations and predictable risks - to cope with such an unexpected shock.

The ESG score uniformly and objectively indicates how a company scores on the Environmental, Social & Governance themes and refers to environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance. The introduction of ESG has a huge impact on how companies are managed, but also how they will be valued in the near future.

It is, therefore, an indispensable tool for companies and governments to quickly and efficiently screen customer and supplier portfolios, sectors or an entire population.

Shock resistance


Today, there is no way around it. Using data is essential to work efficiently and make the right decisions. Large amounts of information provide valuable insights. Yet many companies do not yet have the right tools to turn their data into interesting insights. A shame because it is precisely through correct data analysis that your company can grow profitably.

Correct insights to target issues and realise your objectives

Insight into your current and potential markets, your customers, customer behaviour and anomalous patterns

Analyses and insights specific to your business and your market

Balance an abundance of data with valuable insights

Concrete solution to concrete problems

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