Company data assessment & cleansing

Analysing, cleansing and enrihing your company database with correct company data elements is worth its weight in gold for your business workflows.

Remove outdated and incorrect company data elements and enrich your company database with correct company data from 365 million companies in the Creditsafe data universe. Get your free database analysis.

This is a business service and is therefore valid only for business purposes

Fact Check: outdated and incorrect company data in your company databases cause delays in business processes and workflows of up to 40% on an annual basis.

Yet your customers and suppliers database is one of your company's most valuable assets. Whether it's customers, suppliers or potential new partners, it is therefore vital that you keep it up to date.

By checking, analysing and enriching your database on a regular basis, you will prevent incorrect data from appearing in your portfolios and databases and guarantee the smooth operations of your organisations workflows.

Your customer and suppliers database is the keystone of your business, driving everything from customer experience to strategic direction. But without accuracy of the company data stored in it, risks like unpaid invoices, losing face and missed business opportunities can arise. 

Communications such as letters, invoices, campaigns and others can go completely wrong if the company data in your databases turns out to be incorrect. For example, it is crucial for finance that the company data is correct when invoicing. For marketing and sales, the data must also be correct when approaching new and existing customers. Without the correct company data, no money can be collected and commercial actions can completely fail. 

It is therefore crucial and advisable to carry out a periodic data check of your company databases. By checking, analysing and enriching your database on a regular basis, you will prevent incorrect data from appearing in your portfolios and databases and guarantee the smooth operations of your organisations workflows.

Identify data gaps

We show you where we can append or update company data records.

Detect credit risks

Check your entire customer and supplier database for credit risks with the click of a button.

Protect your company brand

Reduce the risk that communications, such as campaigns and invoices, are sent to incorrect addresses and contacts.

Identify your cross-selling opportunities

Highlight and analyse data trends and therefore potential new markets.

How can Creditsafe help you keep your company database clean?

Improve the accuracy, integrity and quality of your customer and supplier database. Choose from our most requested datasets, or if you do not see what you are looking for in the list, ask us.

The economy and your market are in constant change. As a result, customer, supplier and prospect databases can often become an organisation's most neglected asset.  With Creditsafe Data Cleaning, you can immediately renew the accuracy and quality of your database records, and thereby restore confidence in your decision-making & workflows.

Data Heath Check

Before we actually clean up your database, we provide you with a free non-nominal Data Health Check of your company database. Our health check gives you a helicopter perspective of your portfolio, so that the opportunities and risks are clearly shown & identified.

Screening & Cleaning

Based on the Data Health Check, we are now able to screen and clean up your company data.We identify the gaps and errors in your company database and show you where and how many data records need to be updated and cleaned.

Data Append

If desired, we enrich your databases with the company data elements you value. Creditsafe has the possibility to update your database with more than 200 data elements, including e.g. credit score and limits, correct name and address details, registration numbers, etc.; per record.

Delivered by global leaders in business intelligence

Cleanse, validate and enrich hundreds of fields across 11 countries

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest proprietary business information databases in the industry, allowing us to cleanse and enrich business data in over 500 areas or fields worldwide. 

Our company data comes from more than 8.000 sources and provides rich firmographic and financial insights that help companies of all sizes maximise revenue, increase efficiency and reduce exposure to credit risk. Refreshed daily from official registries, local publications, collection agencies, trading partners and many other trusted sources, our company data undergoes in-depth data processing to ensure their authenticity, uniqueness and consistent format.

Below is an overview of the most common company data elements used by our customers to enrich their databases.

Company Information

Credit Score & Limit

Contact Information

Director Information


Group Structure

Negative Data

Additional Information

Why customers use our Data Cleaning

Credit Management

Master Data Management

Understand Your Market

Sales & Account Management

Marketing Actions & Campaigns

Optimise credit decisions with a clear and global view on credit risks.

Enrich your customer database with key risk indicators such as credit score, credit limit, average days beyond terms (DBT), court information, etc. to ensure your credit management team approves payment terms based on accurate company data. A periodic clean-up allows you to closely monitor and analyse the evolutions of your debtors or customer base.

Regular cleansing informs you of changes in a debtor's circumstance, including credit risk and address changes, to supporting effective prioritisation of cash collections, and successful delivery of invoices.

Build the future with company data you can trust.

Creditsafe Data Cleaning merges different parts of your business with our unique company identification numbers (SAFE-numbers). 

Our matching algorithms use multiple matching routines to accurately identify and match companies in different databases, creating a single, up-to-date and strong source of company data and improving cross-departmental collaboration. Once a match is made, each profile is cleaned and enriched with your chosen fields and returned in a standardised data format.

Verify the company data of your customers and suppliers with official registry data.

By bringing together multiple sources of official company information, Creditsafe Data Cleaning can enrich your account records with the data crucial to verify customers and suppliers. Creditsafe's matching technology quickly links your portfolio to our comprehensive company profiles to validate company registration data, confirm company directors, identify ultimate holdings and parent companies.

Build strong relationships that are vital for long-term and enduring loyalty

Our rich firmographic profiles assist your business development team in keeping up with business conditions and executive changes, so they can have ongoing informed conversations. 

By adding additional company and/or director data fields, sales account managers can gain a deeper understanding of company finances, group structures and more. Such data enrichment will support your sales department in spotting and creating new commercial opportunities.

Protect and enhance your brand with engaging, targeted campaigns

Increase the performance of marketing activities with data-driven content that resonates with the right audience. By enriching your company profiles, Creditsafe Data Cleaning allows you to effectively identify your ideal customers and segment your database accordingly, based on your company data preferences. 

Our director data and company addresses come from the official sources, so when your campaign is ready to launch, you can be sure they will reach the right person. Start reducing the cost of undelivered direct mail (post) while maximising your Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities. 

Credit Management
Master Data Management
Understand Your Market
Sales & Account Management
Marketing Actions & Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I clean my data?

To stand still is to fall behind. Companies change constantly and so do their business details or the company data. Therefore Creditsafe uses a lot of energy to update the company data universe, so you don't have to do this manually.

We make sure that you do not face the following problems when contacting prospects or customers with incorrect company information in your workflows and communications: 

- incorrect contact details
- incorrect address details
- duplicated records
- Incomplete company data
- incomplete administration data

What is a Data Health Check?

Our Data Health Check helps you to evaluate your data quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the size of your data file, whether it is 500 or 100,000 company records, we can perform a check and provide you with a report with a non-nominative description of the quality of your data.

The main areas assessed are record quality, data authenticity and the profile of this portfolio such as credit risk, industry, employees and location.


Does Creditsafe delete data in or from our databases?

At no time will we delete your data, we will only add fields that you have requested.

What is the purpose of data enrichment?

Once we have cleaned your data and marked what is correct and what is incorrect or incomplete, we can improve it for you by adding numerous "fields" including turnover, headcount, credit rating, SIC code, etc.

We can fully customise it based on your business needs.